Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our Own Black Beauty and Ginger

At SAHA we have our very own Black Beauty and Ginger, only our babies names are "Jet & Mishka".

Jet was surrendered in 2009 with all kinds of issues including: emaciation, colic, laminitis, rain scald, gut ulcers, tooth root abscess and a nasty eye ulcer which saw him lose one of his eyes. It was a long road to recovery and being an old horse I wasn't sure if what I was doing was the right thing or just prolonging his suffering but I kept going because he never gave up his fight and through it all he was still lively, spirited and had fight in his soul.

Mishka was surrendered in 2010 with a malignant sarcoma on her shoulder and being aged the vet suggested euthanize but I had heard of this amazing cream in America which drew the cancer to the surface of the skin and then killed it dropping the cancer off and leaving the horse cancer free.. I thought "why not give it a go" Well it worked and within 3 months Mishka went from having cancer to not having a trace in her body. The vet told me when her teeth were done that she was one of the healthiest 26 year old horses she had seen.

Jet and Mishka are both retired with us, Jet because he is a very special needs horse and is very very old. He turns 36 years old this year. Mishka is also retired with us because Jet can not live without her. He will not eat his dinner if she is not beside him, he will not float unless she is beside him, i cant even wash him unless she is in the wash bay as well. They are so much in love that it would be cruel to separate them now. So Mishka and jet will live out their days today and in love.

Jet arrival



Eye surgery


Jet having a bath

Sarcoma on arrival

First day of treatment

Mid treatment

Those big lumps start to fall off

Almost done
100% cancer free but left a little hole in her side.

Enjoying a ride

A life of retired heaven
Jet and Mishka in love.
If you would like to help us rescue more horses like Jet and Mishka who are both now 100% healthy and happy please make a donation today. We rely on the public to contiune to do the wonderful work that we do.
We are a fully registered charity and provide tax receipts for all donations over $2. Just transfer money into account listed below using your surname as the reference and email you details to

BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671

Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB

Jaffa and her lump of pus

We had this beautiful young grey mare surrendered with a horrible big lump which looking like a grey horse melanoma but was actually just a pus filled pocket of infection. So we drained in which entailed cutting a drain hole and every day sticking my finger into the hole to keep it open and to drain the pus. She was such a good girl (the sedation helped) and its now healing well. Once we have it all healed Jaffa will have her teeth done and she will be put under saddle and rehomed. I'm hoping she is a lovely quite horse but she sure is beautiful and a real little princess as well.

Archie update

Our beautiful foal which we rescued from the knackery at Christmas time has had his hernia repaired. This was done a few weeks ago and its pretty much completely healed. He will be gelded next week and then he will be looking for a home. Please read our information in "horses for adoption" section and email if you are interested and ill email you back an application form.

On arrival

Large hernia

First hoof trim

Hernia repair


Our 3 Off The Track Rescues

We have had 3 beautiful horses surrendered to us with racing injuries.

Lonnie is a beautiful 3 year old Gelding with an injured fetlock which we had xrayed and the vet has suggested 12 months rest before being xrayed again.

Zorro is also a beautiful 3 year old Gelding who was surrendered with a fractured pelvis, he also has had some injury to his leg and will be spelled for 12 months as well.

Warrior is a 6 year old Gelding and was surrendered with a double fractured pelvis which needed surgery. He will also be spelled.

Mitavite have come on board with a form of sponsorship and donated a 12kilo tub of Bonafide to help with our rescue horses that have bone problems. Its been scientifically proven to help with repairing bone fractures. We have all 3 of our OTT horses on 4 times the recommended amount of bonafide as well as we feed them mitavite breeda which has a dose already in the feed.

Bonafide® explained
The active ingredient in Bonafide® is Quinaquanone,™ a water soluble, bio-available form of Vitamin K 1 & K2.

Vitamin K1& K2 has a critical effect on the function of Osteocalcin, the bone protein that binds the mineral and protein in bone together. Without sufficient Vit K the binding process is incomplete and low density or defective bone and cartilage are produced.

Vitamin K 1 & 2 is naturally available in fresh, growing green pasture but it is highly unstable, being degraded by UV light, wilting, or “wintering off.”

Horses that do not have constant access to high quality pasture are likely to be deficient in Vitamin K, leading to a reduction in bone density and bone strength.
Horses removed from Vit K rich pasture and brought into a box/yard regime have demonstrated a reduction in bone density within 7-10 days.

There is an established correlation between bone density and the incidence of OCDs and DODs in yearlings and DMD (shinsoreness) in 2 year olds.

Bonafide® is the first product to provide a stable, bio-available form of Vitamin K 1 & K2

You can find more information on Bonafide at:

We will most definitely keep everyone up to date with their progress. Once again, if you would like to donate some money to go towards our broken down OTT TB's in rehabilitation then please that would be amazing and we really do need your help more than you know. We are a fully registered charity and provide tax receipts for all donations over $2. Just transfer money into account listed below using your surname and OTT as the reference and email you details to

BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671

Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB





New Rescue Horse - Bexter

We have had a couple of new rescue horses come into care ~ Bexter is one of them. He was found walking hopelessly around Guanaba QLD and was picked up by the council. I did some investigation and found out that the horses owner left a rental property to move interstate and left the horse behind. The owner of the property was happy to pay his council fees and surrender him into care for rehabilitation.

On arrival we found all kinds of things wrong with the poor guy including a skeletal issue which saw him walking around as though we was drunk. The vet assessed him saying that is stifle was very unstable and that he his body was under developed for his age with malnutrition at such a young age being the culprit, the poor baby is only 3 years old. He also developed a nasty eye ulcer which needed medication every 2 hours around the clock so we attached a treatment tube to help with application and the eye is now healing well.

We decided to have the chiropractor see Bexter and this was his chiro update:
The Chiro came out and saw Bexter yesterday in his foster home. He looked at Bexter walking and shook his head and could only say 'Good God!'. But you should see Bexter now! The difference he has made in him in PHENOMENAL! Ron (chiro) went over him just sussing out where the issues were... His back was out at his sacrum, his shoulders were out of alignment, his neck was extremely tight all through out, his back was roached and nearly had 'kissing spine' (where the vertebrates fuse together), he was extremely sore in the hamstrings, his abductors were nearly non-existent, he was very tight through his ribs, and he was so unbalanced he couldn't stand or walk properly (as you already knew). Ron said he was in a LOT of pain. Firstly he worked on his back and put it back into place, then re-aligned his shoulders and worked on his thoracic muscles. He released his hamstrings and all along his ribs, and down his neck. He also gave him a phototonic light (red light) therapy. You can see the difference it has made in his overall shape - his back is no where near as roached as it was, he can now stand balanced on all four feet properly - he is walking like a normal horse instead of the drunk-like walk he had. His neck has lengthened and he was completely relaxed and released. It was amazing to watch him at work! He would like to come back in 4 or 5 days and do a full cranial-sacrum release on him. He says after the second treatment you won't know the horse. He didn't want to do it today because he didn't want to over-stimulate Bexter, and didn't want to do much with his face while he has the sore eye. Massive thanks to his amazing foster mum for providing such awesome 24/7 care to this very sick horsey.

I do think with time to heal and regular equssage sessions and chiro appointments we can get this boy sound enough to be broken in and ridden. He will be in care for at least 12 months, maybe even longer.

If anyone would like to donate some money to go towards Bexters treatment please that would be amazing and we really do need your help more than you know. We are a fully registered charity and provide tax receipts for all donations over $2. Just transfer money into account listed below using your surname and BEX as the reference and email you details to

BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671

Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB

Thank you all so much for your support

On arrival

Mud fever before

Mud fever after a wash and treatment

Treatment tube

2 weeks in care and after his first chiro appointment