Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We need your help

We need your help…. Rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming these abused, neglected, unwanted and slaughter bound horses is a commitment that I have promised to see until the end… Myself and my team work tirelessly around the clock to make sure these horses get everything they need to better help them find a lifelong loving home. Running a charity is a full time job, it’s like running a business that we don’t get paid for and on top of running this organisation I am also working a full time 50 hour per week job. Fundraising is our biggest challenge at the moment due to being so time poor but funding is the most important part of keeping our doors open for the horses in need. Cash flow is what we need the most and this doesn’t necessarily mean lots of massive donations, we need regular donations no matter how small. I have a challenge for you… We have over 6600 people on our Facebook page and if everyone donated just $2 per week we would have more than enough to rescue twice what we are rescuing at the moment. Sadly I am turning horses away with owners taking them to the knackery because we just don’t have the funding to rescue more than what we currently have. So here is my challenge: 5% of our members committing to donate $2 per week.. That’s 330 people donating $2 per week… Think about what that $2 could by you? A can of coke? No… a coffee?? No… not even a packet of chips these days. It costs over $2 just to use an ATM machine that doesn’t belong to your bank. But that $2 goes a very long way in helping us rescue more and more horses. At our Sanctuary in Thagoona we have 2 spots for 2 more rescues but our funding won’t allow us to take any more on. Please, will your $2 per week help us save more lives? Our challenge is to have 330 people sign up for $2 per week.
Set up a periodic direct debit on your internet banking today, I have posted bank details below and please email saveahorseaustralia@yahoo.com.au with your full name so that I can personally thank you and for the tax receipts. You honestly have no idea how far your $2 per week will go and I look forward to sending you massive thank you emails… all 330+ of you, don’t forget to use your surname as the reference… Thank you and much love ~ Amanda Vella
BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB

2013 Charity Calendar is on sale

Finally after months of preparation, photo shoots and designing, the 2013 charity calendar is on sale. We have had some amazing models, talented photographers and our wonderful volunteers donate their time to help make this calendar a success. "Hotties for the horses" is a calendar a little different from most and my aim was to have a rustic country theme with a touch of romance. The photos are all different with 6 wonderful photographers putting their special touch into each month and some of our rescue horses are gracing the calendar with their presence as well. The calendar's are $25 + $3 postage with 100% of the proceeds going to Save a Horse Australia which is a fully registered and sanctioned horse rescue charity. Please deposit your money into the account below. Please note that this account is different from our every day donations account. Please use your surname and "2013" as the reference. Once you have transferred please email saveahorseaustralia@yahoo.com.au with your full name, address and how many calendars you are buying. Thank you so much for your ongoing support and I hope that you enjoy your Hotties for the Horses 2013 charity calendar.

BSB: 084852
Account: 123317905
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB
Reference: Your surname and 2013


New Rescue Standerbreds

We have had two new rescues come into care at our Thagoona Sanctuary. Storm and Anzac are both beautiful boys however Storm is recovering much faster than Anzac.

Storm - is a 14 year old Black 16.1hh STB gelding who has gained weight well and is responding to treatment quickly.

Anzac - is a 10 year old bay 16hh STB gelding who is having the same treatment as Storm but isnt recovering as quickly. They both have had their teeth done and Anzac will now be treated for ulcers. Anzac also has some back issues which we will be working on.

Storm on arrival


2 weeks in care

Anzac on arrival

2 weeks in care

Update on Promise

Promise was bought from the slaughter pens at the Gympie Dogger Sale in Mid October, she had a nasty infected cut on her leg which was old and infected. The wound is healing well however the leg is swelling when not strapped and x-rays have shown some issues with the bone. We will be taking her to the Gold Coast Equine Centre for treatment to see what is going on inside her leg.

At the Gympie Sales

Her leg at the sales

After we cleaned it up

Healing well

After a groom and 1 week in care

Healing well

3 weeks in care, looking and feeling much better

Update on Kaluah

We had a little Appy Pony surrendered in October 2012, she just needed a little weight, health check, teeth and hooves done and she was re homed to a young girl to learn to ride on. She is such a stunning little pony.

Update on Marley

Marley has been one of our longest residents. He came into care in December 2010 with chronic laminitis and really badly cracked front hooves. Over the next year one of his hooves healed perfectly but sadly the other hoof was growing cracked. After 3 different very good specialist farriers were unable to fix him the vet suggested putting him down... But we still had one more avenue. I took Marley to the Gold Coast Equine Centre and under the care of their specialist vets and amazing corrective farrier Mark Oleary. On arrival they weren't really sure if he could be fixed and if he could be fixed they didn't think he would ever be ridable, but they didn't give up and now, just 4 months after taking him to the hospital for his monthly sessions they are confident that he will be sound enough to be ridden again soon. I am so happy and after 2 long years in rehabilitation we can finally see some light at the end of a very long tunnel, however his rehabilitation isnt over yet. We still have a little way to go.

MASSIVE THANKS TO: The Gold Coast Equine Centre who provided us with hope and provided Marley with the best care available. We are so grateful and Marely goes back for his 5th appointment on Thursday the 29/11/12.

Cracked hoof on arrival

First farrier visit in Dec 2010

Marley was abscessing monthly

Still one year in care with no improvement

Such a beautiful young horse we couldnt give up

Marley at the Gold Coast Equine Centre

After surgery

With no hoof wall the farrier glued a shoe on

YAY results.

First x-ray 13/12/10

First x-rays at the GCEC

Second x-rays at the GCEC you can see the hoof wall growth

Third X-rays... Look at that growth!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Update on Hope

Hope was rescued in July 2010 as a weanling sized rising 2 year old. She was saved from the Slaughter House for $100 and was a wild as hell little horse who was scared of everyone. We turned her out for a while just focusing on getting her healthy and then started on her training. Hope is now 4 years old and standing at 15hh. She is currently at the breaker and will be ready for adoption very soon.

Hope on arrival, barely 12hh and timid

Hernia surgery

Hope as a stunning little 4 year old TB mare

Currently at the breaker

Update on Lucky

Lucky came into care in emaciated condition and quite sick with lunge issues and a horrible tooth root abscess. The first photo was taken on the 1st of June 2012 and the second photo was taken Mid November 2012. He is currently in foster care and we are considering retiring him with us. Lucky is a 28 year old STB gelding.