Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moving Our Gilston Rehabilitation Centre ~ Agistment/Spelling Available

We are moving our Gilston rehabilitation centre to a much bigger and better property in Mt Nathan (10 minutes from Nerang) and to help with the much larger rent cost we will be taking in some agistment/spelling horses. The facilities are 5 star and will help us so much with helping these amazing unwanted animals. If you are looking for spelling/agistment please give me a call.

Self Care from $30 - $50 per horse ~ or a paddock suitable for 3 horses for $100 per week (for someone who has 3 horses)

Full Care from $110 - $160 per horse

Stallion paddock POA depending on care (6 foot post and rail fully electric fencing)

Emergency yards for injured or horses needing to be confined $40 - $90 per week depending on care

24 hour care at rescue rehabilitation centre, perfect for spelling.

Sand arena 150ft, electric walker, 8 metre round yard, dam 20ft deep made for swimming horses, fully electric fences, automatic waters, mare and foal crush.

Access to vet, farrier, dentist, chiropractor.

Very Limited numbers.

Call Amanda 0405053740

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Non Save a Horse Australia Rescue Horses for Adoption.

Galloping Hooves Horse Rescue are a not for profit charity who have a number of beautiful horses for adoption. I personally don't know much about each horse but if you are interested please call Melissa Grant on 0427 277 627

Rain - 4 Year old 14.2 Brumby mare unbroken. Very well handled has been rugged her feet have been done. And floats like a dream. All the hard work has been done. She is ready to be broken. Currently taking enquiries as this mare needs a special home. And reluctantly Re homing. - Adoption fee applies

tique - Saved from Bald Hills holding area - beautiful 7 yr old TB - leg responsive and eager to please - will make a beautiful eventer - looking for a forever loving home 15.3h approx he needs some one experienced to teach him and take him further loves his cuddles - Adoption fee applies

Dulux - approx 14 years 14 .2 hh Saved from Knackery Very timid but never nasty, he has had his feet teeth and chiro. He was very uncomfortable all over, now feeling so much better. He has just spent a month with a trainer and is coming along nicely. Still very unsure but has had saddle on - Adoption fee applies.

Spirit - Unhandled mare. Conditions of adoption

Sutton 10 month old Gelding will grow to approx 14.1. Adopt fee is $500 to cover Gelding

Melissa Grant ~ 0427277627

Please note that these are not SAHA horses and they are subject to conditions and contracts. Please contact Melissa for more details.




Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Would you like to sponsor a rescue horse??

Have you ever wanted to help a horse but don’t have the time, land or resources to save one directly? Have you thought about sponsoring on through a rescue organisation for a small amount of money each week? This way you are helping a beautiful soul without having to do any of the work. The more support we can get the more horses we can save so your help is greatly appreciated. For as little a $2 - $10 per week you can sponsor one of our rescues and your money will go towards that horses rehabilitation, including vet, dentist, chiro, feed, farrier, training and medical treatment. Your sponsorship is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt at the end of each financial year.

For sponsoring a horse you will get: Named as a sponsor on our website (some great exposure for your business), a certificate of appreciation, a personalised album of the progress photos of your sponsor horse; or a framed photo of your horse when he/she is all better and ready for a home. You are also welcome to come and visit your horse anytime you like. Listed below are the horses that are needing sponsors and your sponsorship will finish once that horse has been rehomed but you are most welcome to sponsor another one if you wish. Thank you all so much. At the bottom of this post you will see the instructions on how to start your sponsorship. Massive thanks for your love and support and to all of the people who are already sponsoring one of our horses.

Jet ~ Back TB gelding who came in Jan 2011 in poor condition and coated in rain scald, he has suffered from Laminitis and tooth abscess and is coming along nicely but has a long way to go : 1 Sponsor at $10 per week.

Mishka ~ TB mare that was abandoned on an agistment centre and was surrendered with a lump on her shoulder which was tested as w malignant sarcoma. Mishka is to old for surgery and we are treating her with Sarco-41 and frankincense oil. Mishka’s treatment cost $280 per week in cream and oil with great results: 5 sponsors at $10 per week

Jack ~ TB gelding surrendered with massive grey horse melanoma’s which were tested as benign, he is being treated with frankincense oil to try and reduce the size of the lumps and at $130 for 15ml its quite expensive: 9 Sponsors at $10 per week

Louie ~ Arab x QH who was surrendered in poor condition, he is gaining weight well but still has a long way to go: 5 Sponsors at $10 per week

Tess ~ Surrendered after being rescued from the knackery, she has a few issues that need to be worked through including joint problems: 10 sponsors at $5 per week

Midi ~ Surrendered in good condition but it turns out midi has some emotional problems that need working through. Midi will not truck or float and requires treatment before being re-homed.: 10 sponsors at $5 per week

Candy ~ Surrendered after being passed from pillar to post. She is an aged pony with a growth on her eye. We are weighing up what is the best treatment for her: 10 sponsors at $2 per week.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please email me with the subject being the horse’s name that you want to sponsor. In your email include your full name and address and I will email you all of the details.  

Thank you so much

Zoria Update

Zoria was rescued from a lady who was going to send her to the knackery because she wasn't quite enough. There was nothing wrong with this beautiful mare and she was re-homed to a lovely lady who just adores her. Zoria was adopted out last October and she couldn't have found a better, more suitable home. She is just glowing. I'm very happy with her progress.

Zoria the day she arrived

Currently ~ in her new home

Ryely is doing really well in his new home

Ryley and Caesar were adopted out together to the same home and Ryely is going just as well as caesar (see below post). Ryley is already about 13hh and is going to be a very big horse. He was rescued from going to the knackery with his mum in November 2010. Ryley had a deformed leg and needed urgent surgery to correct it. He is now 100% sound and will make a great riding horse. Ryley couldn't have found a better home.

Ryley on arrival

Just before adoption

In his new home

Caesar is doing really well in his new home

The beautiful Caesar had his first 3 monthly check in his adopted home and I am extremely happy with his progress. He was bought in November 2010 as a 5 week old orphan foal for $100 from the knackery. Caesar couldn't have found a better more loving home. Isn't he just beautiful?

On arrival

Just before being adopted out

In his new home

Isn't he getting big

Candy Update

Candy's vet check went really well. Her eye isn't causing her any pain which is a good thing and she is holding it wide open and blinking fine. The vet seems to think that just leaving it might be the best option at the moment. We are bathing it with chamomile tea 4 times a day and its looking so much better already. She is an aged pony so surgery might not be the best option at this time. We will monitor her and cross each bridge as it comes. Candy has picked up so much in the 2 weeks she has been in care.

Candy on arrival

Candy 2 weeks in care

Tess Update

Tessy is doing so well since her vet check. Her eye is no longer watering so the tear duct flush worked wonders. Since she started on her joint guard and has had her magnetic pastern boot on, she has been hooning around the paddock like a 10 year old. I'm so happy with how she is progressing. Her coat is nice and soft and shiny now as well and she is very happy with her best paddock friend Louie. She will be ready for a retirement home in no time.

2 Weeks in care

Update on Krystal

Our beautiful Krystal who has been retired with us since she arrived in September 2009 went down with a mystery illness on Friday the 1st of July. She was showing signs of discomfort, distress and was scouring pretty badly. We had the vet to her and she was placed on antibiotics to kill an infection which was in her gut. Her gut was very overactive and the antibiotic worked well, however after 5 days of treatment Krystal went down and she couldn't get up. The vet was called immediately and it turns out she had a reaction to the drug. Its now 1 and a half weeks later and princess Krystal has normal poo and is doing really well. Massive thanks to Andy from Nerang Equine Practice for her amazing help.

Krystal is a 28 year old stock horse mare who has taught two little girls how to ride since she has been with us. She is an amazing, sweet mare with so much love to give. Krystal took a while to pick up in rehabilitation and after a nasty case of impaction colic we decided to retire her with us forever. She will take her last breath in our care and she is loved by so many of our supporters and volunteers.

Having a rest

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tess's Vet Check

Tess saw the vet yesterday and she has chronic arthritis in her fetlock as well as a blocked tear duct. The vet flushed her tear duct and we have started her on joint guard, apple cider vinegar and we just bought her a magnetic fetlock boot. Tess is about 25 years old and has good lungs and a strong heart beat which is awesome. We will monitor her arthritis and will keep everyone posted on her rehabilitation.

Tess with the vet

Tess still a little dopy from the drugs

Urgently Needing 6'3 Light Summer Rugs

Urgently seeking 4-5 light flagsheet or flysheet rugs size 6'3. We are changing Mishka's every 2 days while she is having her sarcoma treated but we need extra. If you can help by donating one, in any condition as we can repair please email me. Or if you can help with a small tax deductible donation to go towards some rugs for Mishka please that would be amazing. I have posted the back account details below and please email me your address for the receipt:

Mishka is have treatment for a malignant sarcoma

BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB

Mishka on arrival

Mishka's sarcoma

Mishka after a few months in care

Monday, July 4, 2011

Candy has picked up already

Candy is picking up well in care and has twice the amount of energy as when she did when she arrived. She runs around and plays with Blondie now which is awesome. We have been bathing Candy's eye with chamomile tea 4 times a day and have seen a slight improvement. We had the vet booked in to see her on Sunday when he was assessing Krystal who is sick at the moment but our vet was called to a suspected hendra and didn't have time to assess Candy so we have booked him in for this week. She is an amazing little pony with a beautiful personality and we all love her to bits.

Candy's little friend Blondie