Surrender A Horse

We have been accepting surrendered horses for a very long time but due to time, space and funding limitations we have to place specific criteria on what horses are accepted and what are not. We will accept horses that are in immediate danger of being slaughtered or who have been abused or neglected to the point where their life is under threat. We can no longer extend ourselves to accept horses that are healthy and just need to find a good home.

We do not provide a re-homing service and unless the horse is surrendered to SAHA we can not advertise it or refer you to anyone else due to not being able to guarantee where the horse will end up without a SAHA contract. We have been attacked in the past for not being about to take in a healthy horse, then referring that horse to someone else just for that horse to be sold again. Without contracts in the horse world, nothing is guaranteed.

I am sorry if you are finding it difficult to re-home your horse and due to part issues with people we are unable to help you but if the horse isn’t part of SAHA it cannot be re-homed under our life time adoption contract. Please understand that we currently have over 600 horses that have been adopted through SAHA and time, space and funding limitation have seen us place this surrender policy so that our time and resources are best spent on our equine friends that need it the most.

When you surrender a horse you will be required to fill in and sign a full surrender document.

Thank you for your understanding and we are here to help if we can.


We are not-for-profit and do not sell horses.