Monday, January 31, 2011

Hopey Dopey Had Her Hernia Surgery

Finally little Hopey Dopey had her hernia surgery. She will make a full recovery and will be ready for a new home soon. Cindy Bickerstaff who is our SAHA trainer is doing some ground work and training with her and she is going so well. She will make an amazing little galloway for someone.

Hope on the 31st of July 2010

Hope on the 31st of Jan (6 months)

Hopey is a little bit Dopey after waking up

Sad News For Blondie

Little Blondie foaled on Friday Night but sadly her little black and white pinto filly didn't make it. Blondie had major complications and her little filly got stuck and wasn't strong enough to pull through. We named the little Foal "Tammy" and she was buried on the property. Blondie is going well and should make a full recovery.

Little Ryley Had His Hooves Trimmed

Little Ryley had his hooves trimmed for the first time and he was amazing. He is such a sweet little foal with a beautiful nature. Ryley had his check up with the vet as well and he is extremely happy with how its going.
We are going to wean him from mum very soon and assess her as a riding horse.

1st of December 2010

30th Jan 2011 (8 weeks)

Laying in mum's dinner

Monday, January 24, 2011


In June 2010, Minister Terry Redman, Western Australias Liberal Agircultural Minister, granted Butcher Vince Gareffa from Mondo Butchers a license to sell Horse Meat for Human Consumption in Western Australia (and therefor supply meat to anyone who can legally now purchase it from him in Western Australia). Minster Redman effectively added Horses to a "declared animal under the WA Meat Industry Act".

Vince Gareffa - openly states he would be upset if someone wanted to eat his pet, but he is happy to eat and sell yours.

Details of the granting of the license are not known at this stage, however the license was granted swiftly and has given one Butcher in Australia the exclusive right to sell Horse Meat to the Retail Market, supplying local customers and restuarants. The Western Australian Liberal State Government and Mr Vince Gareffa have not released details of where these horses are "supplied" from, nor given any reassurance of their welfare, and or of the safety of the meat for Human Consumption.

Our community support the returned ban of Horse Meat for Human Consumption - but we need YOUR help to make that voice heard!

The majority of Australians oppose the sale of Horse Meat for Human Consumption, as do we for the following reasons:

* Horses are companion animals - in Australia we do not eat our pets
* There is no assurance of Horse Welfare and or the source of these animals sent to slaughter could one be a lost pet?
* Horses do not transport or slaughter well - we have real concerns about the treatment of horses for slaughter in Australia - is cruelty on the menu?
* There is no assurance of the safety of this meat for Human Consumption, have these horses high levels of chemicals in their system still? Any horse owner will advise you the treatments given to horses have to be handled with thick gloves and are very toxic to humans.
* When animals are seen as "food" animals, their welfare over all diminishes. Being denegrated to "live stock" will see Horses in the same sad category of Sheep, who are for example, sent for live export overseas. This as we know it, is a cruel and exploitative industry. How many more animals will go down this road?
* Australia already has a Horse Industry in crisis. We have a drastic OVERSUPPLY of horses as it is, many sent to the dog meat trade, creating a further demand for a "minority" market, will only add to the problem of horses being neglected, mistreated, over bred and over supplied. Speak to any Horse Rescue organisation, or visit any knackery or sale yard - the evidence is overwhelming. We do not need to create any new market for Horse products.
* This sends Australia on a sliding scale where no animal is safe from the menu. If a Korean butcher decides he wants to eat dog, as he does in his culture in his own country which is the argument of Vince Gareffa and others that support the Horse Meat Industry, how will the Government respond?

So what can you do? Some very EASY ways to make a big impact on this issue!

Make your voice heard:

Have a page of our petition signed and post it back.

Support our campaign. Visit our ACTION Page for ways you can help, for a few minutes of your time you can make a difference - as simple as sending an email - to free more horses from the horrors of Horse Slaughter in our country.

Photo C/O Horse Racing Kills. This is the reality of Horse Slaughter in Australia.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Max Goes Mustering

Max is a first x QH gelding by a stallion called Cool Wily Jack Q44075 out of a TB mare. He is just 15.3hh and weighs 577 kilos. Tomorrow Maxi is heading out west to do some mustering and cow chasing for 4 weeks while still being treated for sarciods (small one on his nose). We are hoping that this training will help Maxi with his bad attitude. Max is PERFECT under saddle, so smart and willing but can be quiet nasty towards other horses and people on the ground. He has no manners what so ever and if you get pushy with him, he will get pushy back and really gets upset. Max is 4 years old and has been spoilt at some stage in his life.
I believe that station work will be perfect for Max and I really think he will enjoy it. I will keep you all posted on his progress over the next 4 week.
Max will be best suited to a male owner and someone who will challenge his mind, teaching him new things and not fussing over him like a pet. He is from working lines (QH) and he really doesn't like being fussed over to much. He needs to be challenged or he gets bored and destructive.
Massive thanks to Bunya Valley Performance Horses for taking Max for the next 4 weeks and doing some mustering work with him.

Bobbie found the perfect home one year ago today

Bobbie the QH x Welsh pony that I could have re homed a million times over came to SAHA in Sept 2009 in very poor condition, covered in rain scald and full of worms. He was adopted out to his new home one year ago today after 4 months in care. Bobbie has taught his new owner how to ride and they have an amazing unbreakable bond. Bobbie couldn't have found a better home.

Bobbie ~ Sept 2009

Bobbie just before being re homed ~ Dec 2009

Bobbie today

Krystal Update

Krystal came to us in Sept 2009 as a surrender who was rescued from the knackery. She was extremely poor and covered in rain scald, full of worms and quite sick. She is 28 years old this year and retired with SAHA. She is now fat, healthy and just loving her retirement being pampered by some young volunteers. Krystal will stay with SAHA until her last breath.
She was named "Krystal Rose" after the Rose Quartz Crystal representing unconditional love.

Krystal after 2 weeks in care ~ Setp 2009

Krystal 2011

Whiskey to see eye specialist

Whiskey is heading into the Manly West Horse Hospital tomorrow to see the eye specialist about the cancer he had removed recently. It isn't healing properly and the vet is very worried that the cancer may have spread. Please wish us luck and fingers crossed for our beautiful Whiskey Wagon.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Apology ♥

Apology ~ these last few weeks have been unbelievably crazy and I have lost quite a number of voice mail messages before I could retrieve them. If you have left me a voice mail message and I haven’t called you back, please call me again.

Also if you have emailed me and I haven’t replied please be patient, I have almost 700 emails to get through but if it’s urgent please call me 0405053740.

I’d like to thank each and every person who has helped SAHA , the RDA and other flood victims during these last few very hard weeks. Everyone has been just amazing. Thank you all so very much. 

Update on Sampy

Sampy had his corrective shoeing done yesterday and his hooves are looking great. He should be 100% better in about 6 months. Sampy is on Retead biotin which is the best biotin product on the market. He is also on rosehip herb and a special multi vitamin to help his hooves grow faster and harder. Massive thanks to Tim Heeb (contact details in the supporters section of this website) for doing an amazing job once again with our rescue horses.

Sampy the day we rescued him from the dogger pens in Sept 2010

Sampy yesterday

Sampy's feet before corrective shoeing

Sampy's feet after corrective shoeing

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Desperately needing some items ♥

Save A Horse Australia is in desperate need of a few items. If you can help please email or call me asap.

1. Star Pickets
2. Electric Fencing Hot Tape
3. Insulators
4. Summer flysheet / cotton rugs sizes 5'6 - 6'9

If you can help by purchasing an item or if you have some lying around please call or email me asap 0405053740

We will be having a winter rug donation drive very soon as well to get some rugs in for winter. This will give us enough time to have repairs done etc and have them stored away for the cooler months to keep out skinny rescue horses warm. If you have any lying around please have a look and if you don't think you will be using them please consider donating them to help keep a rescue horse warm. The winter rugs we use the most are:
1. Polar fleece
2. doona stable rugs
3. lined waterproof paddock rugs (canvas or synthetic)
4. unlined water proof canvas or rainsheets
Rugs needing repairs are accepted with open arms. Thank you..

Thank you so much for your support xx ♥

Amanda Vella

Monday, January 17, 2011

Horsey update ♥

Abbey ~ is putting on weight really slowly but I’m very happy with the progress. She is an aged arab mare who just loves people, being pampered and treats especially watermelon. Abbey has the sweetest nature and she really has stolen my heart. The vet hasn’t done her teeth yet due to her being to poor for the sedation but she will have them done next week. Isn’t she just beautiful?
Abbey on arrival

Abbey week 1

Abbey currently (week 4)

Mary ~ isn’t coping so well being locked up 24/7 due to ryley’s leg so we have decided to wean him in 2 weeks when he is 4 months old. Poor Mary has become bitter towards him and is kicking him around in the stable which isn’t helping, so I let them out and they run around like crazy which is bad for Ryley’s leg. I just can’t seem to win so we will be weaning Ryley, assessing Mary as a riding horse and re homing her very soon. She is 9 years old about 16.1hh and a lovely TB mare. Let me know if you might be interested in adopting her.

Mary on arrival

Mary Currently (week 7)

Ryley ~ His leg is getting better and better which is just awesome but the vet has gotten upset with me for letting him out of the stable for a run. He needs to be locked up which isn’t fair on Mary so she will be weaned and he will remain locked up. He is the sweetest natured foal and loves bum rubs and will do anything for a cuddle. I can’t wait to put him in the paddock with our orphan colt Caesar, hopefully Ryley will teach Caesar not to be afraid of people.

Ryley on arrival

Ryley currently (week 7)

Bandit ~ has put on weight well and his rain scald is almost gone which means he will be ready for a home. Bandit will be going out to Cindy’s place for a trial to see if he will be suitable for Pete after his loss of Monty.

Bandit on arrival

Bandit currently (week 3)

Blondie ~ Is getting bigger and bigger. She is due in 4 weeks ~ wish us luck. She spends her days in the house yard being spoilt and just stands in front of the house door waiting to come inside. She is doing much better and recovering well from stifle surgery.

Blondie on arrival

Blondie currently (week 7)

Caesar ~ is growing so quickly and loves being in the paddock with the mini ponies Helix and Pinto. He is still very timid though and is scared of everyone he doesn’t know. I am hoping that when we put Ryley in the paddock with him this will change a few things. Maybe Ryley is just what Caesar needs to mend his broken heart.

Caesar on arrival

Caesar currently (week 7)

Hopey Dopey ~ is going so well with some training at Cindy’s house. She has come along so much in 6 months and has changed from a wild as hell weanling sized 2 year old to a stunning 14hh 2 years old princess and she is personality plus. This little filly will make someone an amazing horse one day and Cindy is going to take her into some led shows this year. Hopey is still waiting on a hernia operation.

Hope on arrival

Hope currently (6 months)

Max ~ has become a real handful; he has no respect for humans or animals and needs to learn so much. He is perfect under saddle but has no ground manners at all and can be borderline dangerous. We have decided to send him to a performance centre than trains “station” horses for mustering and cattle work. He is working lines QH bred so this type of work is what is in his make-up and I think he will be very good at it. Depending on how he goes and how his sarciod’s heal up I might even send him to Noel Watson for some proper reining training before being re homed to an experience home. His sarciod’s are healing very very slowly.


Bambi ~ is going really well and just a tiny bit more weight and she will be ready for a home. She is a 14 year old TB mare needing an experienced rider.

Bambi on arrival

Bambi currently

Sampy ~ is lame again *sigh* He is getting treated and some new shoes this week. Poor bugger has a badly cracked hoof and requires specialist corrective shoeing. He is a beautiful fellow and another one who really has stolen my heart.

Sampy on arrival (laidley sales)

Sampy currently (4 months)

Sulley ~ nothing new with Sulley pants, he is just chilling in the paddock, loving his girls and galloping around like a looper. He is going to be seeing Dr Jamieson as well about his stifle issues and I’ll be booking this appointment for early Feb. With Christmas and the floods anything non urgent has been put off until now and we will get the lovely sulley sorted out and re homed to the perfect forever home. He is a lovely big boy.

Sulley on arrival

Sulley currently (14 weeks)

Whiskey ~ His eye still isn’t healing as well as I had hoped and Michael will be booked into see him again for treatment.

Whiskey on arrival

Whiskey currently ~ retired with SAHA

Zena ~ is on her second course of ulcerguard and what a difference. She is also on a herbal ulcer treatment and she has stopped windsucking as much, has put on weight well and I’m extremely happy with her progress. Another 4-6 weeks and she will be ready for a home as well.

Zena on arrival

Zena currently (week 10)

Marley ~ I am more than happy with Marley’s progress and so are the vet and farrier. He is a fighter that’s for sure and has come through this so quickly. He still has a very long way to go but I’m very happy indeed. I use a product called “Re-Tread” on him and it’s a biotin product, definitely the best on the market. It is the best $110 ever spent.

Marley on arrival

Marley a few weeks later


Krystal ~ our old retired stock horse mare is doing really well, she enjoys her weekly rides with Ryely who is the little girl caring for Krystal for SAHA. She loves Krystal so much and they are extremely happy together which is great. The wet weather hasn’t helped because Krystal doesn’t like the rain much but she is going so well, extremely healthy and happy. She turns 28 this year.

Krystal on arrival (2009)

Krystal currently, 28 years old and retired at SAHA

Ma ~ is almost ready for a home as well, she is healthy enough we just need to do some more riding with her to actually get her moving.. The dear old girl won’t move a hoof once the saddle hits her back so I’m going to have a specialist chiropractor “Dr Jamieson” to look at her and make sure there aren’t any issues with her back.

Ma on arrival

Ma on the 21st of Dec (week 19)

Helix ~ was adopted by Carol who lives at our Gilston rehabilitation centre so I thought I would give you a quick update on him. He is going really well just being a one eye’s paddock bum but we have been thinking about sending him somewhere to be broken in and to have some training. Just to keep him a bit active. I think he gets a bit bored because he is so smart. Little pinto (his paddock buddy) isn’t so smart and Helix bosses him around and teaches him naughty tricks like how to break into the chicken coop for extra fried rice in the mornings. What type of ponies like fried rice?? SAHA ponies..

Helix on arrival

Helix currently ~ almost one year since surgery, adopted by Carol

Massive thank you to everyone who has helped SAHA, you are all amazing and your help means more to me and the horses than you know. Thank you so much xxx