Wish List


1. We are in desperate need for a property where we can set up a proper rehabilitation centre, build stables, have day yards, paddocks, an electric walker, an equine swimming facility and a large grazing paddock for our retired horses. If there are any developers out there or anyone at all who would like to donate us some land or consider a long term lease where we can stay long term. Rent on the Gold Coast is around $1000 per week for what we want and its just not affordable. We are a fully registered charity so if land was donated it would belong to the charity and if we ever decided to wind up the land would be either donated to another charity or sold and the money donated to another charity or there can be a condition if the charity ever closed the land could go back to the original owner. Please email or call if you can help. Will consider all areas but would prefer northern rivers NSW or South East QLD.

2. We are in need for reliable, experienced fundraising volunteers. Please email or call if you can help.

3. Horsey items ~ Rugs (all kinds and sizes), halters, fly masks, herbs and supplements.

4. Advertising ~ if you have contacts in newspapers and magazines for us to advertise for free. Im happy to write monthly articles in exchange and currently write health and wellbeing articles.

5. Businesses to get involved with fundraising ~ we will promote you business as payment.

Please email: enquiries@saveahorse.org.au if you can help