Monday, October 31, 2011

3 day challenge

Ok we have a 3 day challenge. Our Nerang Equine Vet Bill is $1845 for the month and we really need some help with it. Can we raise $800 in 3 days? I think we can. Please email me if you can donate and how much so that I can keep a tally and please guys even just $1 helps. Use the reference VET and your surname and please email me if you require a tax receipt. Can we raise $800 in 3 days?? I really do think we can do it.
BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB come on guys, lets do this and thanks so much for helping us pay our huge vet bills.. (im also happy to email anyone a copy of the bill) :-) Thanks xxxx  ♥♥♥

We have large monthly vet bills especially with 22 horses in care, if you can help with a donation please that would be just wonderful. If you would prefer to pay money directly onto our vet bill you can find the bank details in the "how you can help section" but please remember to use the correct reference. Thank you so much for your support xxx

Monday, October 24, 2011

2012 Charity Calendar on sale now

We are so excited to announce the pre-order release of our charity calendar for 2012. They are for sale for $20 + $3 postage so a total of $23.

If you would like to buy one please deposit $23 into our account using your surname and "2012" as the reference. Then you must email me your address and once your payment comes through we will post your calendar.

BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB

Email address:

Thank you so much for your kind support and for helping us help the horses. Please note that 100% of proceeds go to the sanctuary.

(I dont want to give away the amazing photos in our Calendar so I have posted the supporters page below)

Massive thanks to Vibe Creative and Paradise Printing for making this calendar happen. Two wonderful ladies with huge hearts... and did I mention talented! Also huge thanks to the three wonderful photographers, Precious pets - Paul Sparrow. Ondra Litmisky. Charmaine Gould. xxxx

Bella isn't well

Bella has taken a turn for the worst and we have had the vet out to do more tests including a stomach tap. Her stomach fluid was yellow not clear which isnt good and the vet seems to think she has Peritonitis which is inflammation of the pesitineum. We should have the results back today and until then she is on a high dose of omagurad and antibiotics. Please pray for bella.

If you can help with Bella's treatment by making a tax deductible donation please that would help more than you know. Please email if you require a receipt.

BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Massive Christmas Raffle

How to buy tickets:

This is the launch of our massive Christmas raffle and we are hoping to raise heaps of money to help with the rescue and rehabilitation of more unwanted, abused, neglected and slaughterbound horses.

If you could help us help the horses by purchasing some tickets that would be just wonderful. We are limited to the number of horses we rescue by the amount of money we can raise so even if you can just buy one ticket that would be wonderful.

A huge thank you so everyone who donated items for our raffle, without you this Christmas Fundraiser wouldnt have been possible so thank you from the bottom of my heart and from all of the horses.

Here are the prizes:
• 1st - Equine photographic package valued at $495 Donated by Bianca Newling Photography

• 2nd - Drawn portrait of your horse valued at $80 donated by Shades of Grey Equine Art and one hobbie horse donated by

• 3rd - Photographic package for your horse valued at $495 Donated by Grace Stanford

• 4th - Beauty Salon voucher valued at $100 donated by Southport Skin Clinic

• 5th - Body Shop Pamper pack valued at $80 donated by Kayleen Lawson

• 6th - 2 bags of chaff donated by Scenic Rim Lucerne, Pony Sized halter and fly mask donated by Deb Cain.

• 7th - A yummy Christmas cake donated by Donnalea's Delights

We have had a late donated item come in which will be 8th prize. A riding lesson by Kelly Tomb from Posture, Seat and Balance on the Gold Coast.

Please note that we have extra prizes which include a beautiful Statue by Komodo Statues, a pamper pack by natrual skin care range Welda and some vouchers which will be given to the people who win something that can not be sent. For an example if you draw 4th prize but you dont live on the Gold Coast you will get a pamper pack in the post instead. This means that everyone all over Australia can win and we will send you your prize in the post.

How to buy tickets:

Tickets are $2 each or a book for $60

Deposit money into our account using your surname and "xmas"

BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB

When you buy tickets please email with your full name and contact number.
Thank you all so much, this raffle will be drawn on the 5th of December just in time to send your prizes before Christmas. Results will be announced on on the 5th of December. Thank you all for your support xxxx

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Updated photo's of horses currently in care

We currently have 20 horses in care, here are some current photos of a few of them.

Bella having some Reiki. Photographer Ondra Litomisky

Mini Pony Blondie. Photographer Ondra Litomisky

Blondie and Blind Shetland Candy. Photographer Ondra Litomisky

Chester feeling good. He is also for adoption, see horses for adoption section of this webiste..
Photographer Ondra Litomisky

Foster Dog Freckles, also for adoption. Are you interested in Freckles? Please email Photographer Ondra Litomisky

Gemmy and Rusty are in love. Photographer Ondra Litomisky

Jet recovering well after surgery. Photographer Charmaine Gould

Our beautiful old retired Mare Krystal. She is 28 years old. Photographer Charmaine Gould

Mishka and Jack. Photographer Charmaine Gould

Jetty. Photographer Charmaine Gould

Bella is feeling much better


Louie is gaining weight so well

Gemmy has only been with us for about a month and she is doing really well.

Mishka, she is 24 years old but acts like a 10 year old.

Beautiful Rusty

Benjy is doing super well, I'm so happy with his progress.

Micky is one of our newest rescues and is doing really well.

Midi having some exercise


Ryley riding Krystal

Candy is 30+ years old and has gained weight so well.

Chyanne is also 30+ years old

Beautiful Midi

Beautiful Marley

RIP Chyna. She passed away last week at 11 years of age.

Lovely Jack

Cash flow is our biggest challenge when rescuing these majestic creatures. We are limited to the amount of horses we can rescue by the amount of funds we have. If you could help by sponsoring a horse for $10 per week, or if you could commit to a regular weekly donation, even just $2 per week. Or if you could help with a one off donation that would help more than you know. Please email and thank you from the bottom of my heart. xxx

BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB

We are a fully registered not for profit charity sanctioned by the office of fair trading to fundraise and can offer tax deductible receipts. Thank you for helping us help the horses.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Christmas Raffle

We are planning a massive Christmas raffle this year and need your help.

1. Is your business able to donated some items for our raffle? Horsey and Non horsey items needed.
2. Are you able to help us by selling raffle tickets??

If you can please email

Thank you so much for helping us help the horses xxx

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We have a new rescue horse

This is Judge, he is a 17hh TB gelding who was surrendered with chronic stifle lock. Judge isn't a happy horse and is kicking out and isn't friendly at all. He is in quite a bit of pain and has been started on joint formula as well as being booked into the chiropractor.

Judge is also looking for some sponsors, if your interested in sponsoring Judge to help with his rehabilitation please email me for more information. Sponsorship cost $10 per week and lasts while the horse is in care.

Many Thanks x

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tyson - Healing hearts

Tyson was surrendered earlier this year due to going blind. He is only 3 years old and had an accident which damaged the optic nerves in both eyes. Many people said he should have been put down but losing his sight hasn't fazed this amazing boy and he is now working with Harmony Hooves Healing Hearts helping disabled and disadvantaged people and has done work with Vision Australia. If you saw how this horse interacts with the people he is helping you would be amazed. He is a real healer, truly one in a million.

Photographer - Charmaine Gould

If you are interested in Jodie Alderton's healing hearts program you can email her

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We rely on the public and desperately need help

Bad economical times have seen a huge influx of horses requiring help and have also seen a decline in financial support. If we could get just 1000 people to donate just $2 per week this would help more than you know. We are fully registered 100% not for profit and are run solely by volunteers.

Cash flow is something that we need most when rescuing horses. There are always a lot of ongoing expenses including feed, vet, farrier, dentist cost etc. If you are in a position to offer us an ongoing weekly donation please consider setting up a direct debit each week into our account. Once again using only your surname as the reference. Email us your name and address and at the end of the month you will get a month receipt. Our monthly expenses are well into the thousands and if we could get just 1000 people to donate just $2 per week that would help more than anything. Not many people would even miss the $2 per week which would go along way to help our sanctuary rescue these amazing animals. Please help us by being a regular supporter.


BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB

Save a Horse Australia Horse Rescue and Sanctuary rescues an average of 50 - 70 horses per year but this year has been our toughest financially, we do need continued support to keep our doors open.

Just a few of the horses we have rescued

Can you help by donating some feed?


141 Old Pacifice Hwy, Oxenford.
Phone....(07) 55731273
Deb, Scott, Justin & Kathy are great people, friendly service & have been a great supporter to SAHA. They have a book at their Produce Store set up to take feed donations. You can pay over the phone by credit card, drop in and pay directly, or do a bank transfer. Please tell them exactly what feed you would like to donate and you will be registered in the book. Deb is well aware of the different feeds that we use THANK YOU TO OXENFORD PRODUCE.

Kalbar, Qld.
Jenny & Russell Jenner.
Phone 0418 736588 (07) 54637549
Wonderful people, great hay suppliers !! They have Barley Hay $11 Lucerne Hay $15 Chaff (mixed) $25
If you would like to buy some hay or chaff for the rescue horses please call Jenny direct and she can take your order, and you can transfer funds online. Please remember to clearly mark your bank deposit as reference "SAHA & your name" ie:- "SAHA - Jane Doe" THANK YOU !!!

Mark & Vickie Timmins
20 Old Pacific Hwy, Yatala
Phone 38072212
Yatala Produce have been long time supporters of SAHA, supplying feed and also lending assistance with the rescue horses. Call in and see Vickie & Mark for all your horse needs. Feed donations via Yatala Produce can be made by cash or credit card in store, or by direct bank deposit. Please call Vickie for bank details. Reference "SAHA - your name". THANK YOU !!