Foster Carers Needed

We currently have a Sanctuary in Allenview QLD and on the Gold Coast Hinterland but every now and again are looking for foster carers for some of our long term horses.

FOSTER CARES NEEDED IN FOLLOWING AREAS: Beaudesert and surroundings, Lockyer Valley and Gold Coast. If you are in these areas, fit the criteria below and would like to foster please email

1.      What is involved in being a foster carer? Caring for one of our special rescue horses is an important and rewarding journey and you will need to be committed and reliable not just for the organisation but for the life that is in your care. What is required for each horse will vary depending on what condition they are in and what “issues” or illnesses they have at the time. One rescue horse might be in poor condition, another may have an injury or illness and one might have emotional issues. We do our best to match up each rescue horse with the carers abilities and confidence levels. The carer will be required to sign a liability waiver and a carers contract and agree to keep the horse in accordance to the organisations code of conduct, and report to the field officer about how their horse is progressing. We will come and meet you in person and inspect your property before sending a rescue horse to you.

2.      What are the expenses involved? All expenses relating to the rescue horse are covered by the organisation. If you are not located on the Gold Coast and we cannot get feed delivered to you or you are not using one of our farriers or specialist and you do have to pay for something out of your own pocket than you are required to keep the receipts so that we can write you a cheque for the out of pocket expense. This can normally take up to 4 weeks to be re-inbursed.

3.      What is the selection process? First of all you must live in South East QLD and we will take preference to people on the Gold Coast or within 1 hour drive. This is so that I or a field officer can get to you quickly if there is an emergency and so that we can still use our amazing team of specialist vets, farriers and equine therapists.

4.      4. What time frame do you keep the horse for? Rescue horses stay with us until they are fully rehabilitated. We are looking for long term foster carers or short term depending on the horse’s needs. Each horse is different.

5.      5. If need arises can the horse be returned? Yes, the contract that you sign will be as the carer only and if you feel that you cannot take care of the horse 100% providing the care needed than the horse is to be returned immediately.



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