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At the end of every year we hold an awards ceremony (normally held after our annual general meeting) for volunteers who have show outstanding loyal service to Save a Horse Australia throughout that year. These plaques are given to volunteers who have gone over and beyond their service and duty in each of their categories.

The categories in 2013 are:

1. Volunteer of the year
2. Rookie volunteer of the year
3. Foster carer of the year
4. Fundraiser of the year
5. Supporting business of the year

Volunteer of the year goes to most outstanding volunteer.
Rookie volunteer of the year goes to the most outstanding "new" volunteer who has only been volunteering for less than one year.
Foster carer of the year goes to the most outstanding foster carer who has gone over and beyond the standard of care asked for, volunteering services and helping more than expected of a foster carer.
Fundraiser of the year goes to the person who has personally raised the most amount of funds for Save a Horse Australia.
Supporting business of the year goes to the business who has supported Save a Horse Australia the most by offering sponsorship, promoting our organisation and donating items or providing fundraisers.

Every volunteers, foster carer, fundraiser and supporting business will be in the running and the winners will be decided by our managing committee weeks before the AGM.

Past Winners

2012 Volunteer of the year ~ Lori Foster ~ Lori has been volunteering for 4 years (2008 -2012) and is still with us into 2013. She never missed a feed shift at our Gold Coast Sanctuary even the 4am start morning feeds. She always went over and beyond what was asked of her and volunteered for trade stalls and fundraising events.
2012 Rookie Volunteer of the year ~ Sam Gray ~ Sam only started with us in 2012 but she has always been a hard working dedicated volunteer, never missing a shift and providing priceless help and support at fundraising events. Sam is currently still with us into 2013.
Our volunteers are an essential, priceless part of our organisation and we like to make them all feel special and important. Without their help we wouldn't be able to save the amount of horses that we save.
To all of our volunteers I say thank you from the bottom of my heart ~ Amanda Vella

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