Monday, October 11, 2010

Update ♥

Firstly ~ The Gold Coast and most of SEQ is flooded. Everything has turned to mud and I have lost all but two stables and both of my big paddocks. Lucky enough I haven't taken in any new rescues and only have 4 big horses and 2 ponies at home. Still everything, everywhere is mud.

Krystal's Stable

Second ~ The ABC aired our protest interview this morning on their breakfast show.

Third ~ It's lovely to help people with their horses and even more lovely when they email you updates on how they are going ~ I love to hear that all horses are going well.
Donna emailed me a few weeks ago about her horse that was skinny, not gaining weight and had no energy, I helped her with a feeding program and this was her reply:

Hi Amanda,

Thought I would give you a quick update in case of your interest in feeding advice recently. We have done almost exactly as you said (the only difference is I have had confidence issues needling the chest muscle – but on reading your email again, I will certainly try it there on the next shot – I have read about and looked at instructions on needling the chest but really lack confidence – I have been putting it in the top of the rump which is still horrible for me…. Just need the confidence I guess as it seems more sensitive in the chest but clearly is not). Have had probs in getting the herbs but will perstist.
He is looking great !!!! Better still – He is feeling Great too.. I never thought I would see the day this horse runs around the paddock, cantering, giving little bucks and everything else.. Leo is looking alive without a doubt, also without being fizzy under saddle. Leo has done so well in two weeks that we have put the TB’s on Gumnuts too.
Thanks so much for your help once again.
PS, I am trying to upload some new photo’s of him, hopefully will get that sorted soon.

I'm glad to have helped Donna and very happy her horse is doing well. Keep up the good work and he will be 100% in no time Donna. :-)
Fourth ~ This horse is still urgently seeking a new home. He hasn't been ridden in years and isn't quite enough to pull straight from the paddock and ride. He has also had some petal bone rotation and will require shoes, this was the last post:
Horse will be sold through Grafton dogger sales ~> urgently needs home. Is located between Coff's and Grafton. 15.2hh station bred stock horse, 18 years old, suitable for light riding and must always have front shoes on due to petal bone rotation. Is a sweet natured horse. She needs him re-homed and the sale is the last option. Will give away to a loving home.

Call OWNER: 02 6654 3821 for more info

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