Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big Horsey Update

We have re homed 6 of our beautiful rescue horses. Bambi, Grandma, Pinto, Helix, Midi and Caesar. This is great news and a very happy new beginning for each rescue horse. A very big thank you to the amazing families who adopted our beautiful rescue horses into their lives.

We have also had two new rescues come in. Both STB's, one mare and one gelding. Besides being a little under weight both are very healthy. They passed their vet checks and the gelding was extremely healthy especially at the age of 29. The mare has limited vision in one eye but it doesn't bother her at all. They will both be up for adoption once they gain a little weight.

Keno ~ 25 year old STB gelding

Babe ~ 16 year old STB mare.

Chicky went to the horse hospital on Tuesday for the following day surgery. I will keep everyone up to date on her recovery. Whiskey is recovering well and we still need to raise $4500 of the $6000 that is needed for the surgery costs. We can offer tax receipts and are holding raffles. Please see the "How you can help" section of this website for details on how you can make a donation or buy raffle tickets. A massive thank you to everyone for your support in helping us save these beautiful horses.

Whiskey after surgery and having chemo

Chicky before going to the horse hospital

Hope and Zena are looking for new homes. See there information in the "Horses for adoption" section of this website.

I decided last minute to go to the Laidley horse sales to have a look even though we didn't have room for any horses. There were so many stunning horses selling very cheap. Many went to meat buyers! If you are wanting a new horse maybe consider buying from a sale and helping a horse in need. *please make sure you are experienced or take someone experienced with you*

A day of spoiling fun for Helix and Caesar who go to their new home this weekend. They got to eat what ever they wanted and they chose corn chips and dip!

All of our other rescue horses are going well. I will do a big update on them very soon. Thank you to everyone who has donated time, money or items to us and thank you to everyone who has bought raffle tickets. You are all amazing and without your help we wouldn't be able too rescue the amount of horses that we do. Thank you all so very much xxx

Please see the "how you can help" section for information on how to make a donation and other ways you can help the rescue horses

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