Thursday, January 19, 2012

Update on Judge

Judge was surrendered 15 weeks ago with chronic stifle lock which was so bad the poor old fellow couldn’t even walk without locking up. He was in light condition and just in a lot of pain. Judge also was showing signs of stomach ulcers. He was assessed by the vet who said his stifle issues had been left for so long that they were arthritic and not even surgery would help. He also has articulated ringbone in all 4 of his feet, 3 being visible but 1 isn’t quite as advanced. The vet suggested having him put down because he wasn’t paddock sound and was in a lot of pain. We tried a few different things without success and finally I decided to put him on a herbal plan similar to the one we put Sampy on to treat his arthritis. We had nothing to lose. After 6 weeks of a pretty intense herbal treatment plan including ulcer healing herbs Judge is now paddock sound and is hooning around the paddock like never before. I have only seen him lock up once since which was when the farrier was doing his feet but he is now paddock sound and we are hoping that the herbal plan will continue to work and he will stay paddock sound. I am extremely happy with his progress. From crippled and locking up with every step to hooning around free and happy just like a horse should. Its just amazing to see.  

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