Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rayden and Archie

Over the Christmas break it was brought to my attention that two beautiful young horses were at the knackery and in line to be slaughtered. I made a few calls and with some help from our amazing volunteers we arranged to have them picked up. Both horses were purchased for $100 and sight unseen but on arrival at the Gold Coast care facility it was obvious that the yearling had all kinds of problems. I was told he had stifle lock but sadly his stifle was badly broken and had been for quite some time. He was chronically club footed as well to the point that he would fall forward and to fix that problem he would have required surgery. There was no repairing his stifle so we had to make the hard decision to have him put to sleep. His name was Rayden and he will forever live on in our hearts.

Rayden's little mate is a beautiful 5ish month old foal named Archie and besides a large hernia he is a picture of good health. Its amazing what people send to the knackery. Archie is handled and halter broken and is having hernia surgery soon.

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