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Its been a while since I have had time to update our blog webpage so Ill be filling you in on the things that have happened in the past few months since our last post. If you read our last blog post about our own black beauty and ginger I have some sad news. Sadly we lost our black beauty who we had to have euthanatized due to his joints failing him. Mishka was beside her self but we have since introduced her to "Lynda" a new rescue horses who has bonded with Mishka helping her through.
We have rescued a number of horses in the past few months as well and have had a few surgeries done including Jaffa's puss pocket which just kept coming back after being drained. The photos are below but very graphic. I hope you enjoy the photos and stories of our rescue horses and please remember that we are a not for profit fully registered and sanctioned charity and we rely on donations to keep our doors open so please go to the "how you can help" tab and donate today. Every $ helps, ever just a $2 donation goes a long way in helping us help these needy horses. Thank you so much xxx Amanda

The above photo is of Bexter, he was surrendered by his owner who no longer wanted him after he got out of his paddock and was picked up by the pound. Bexter was in a pretty bad way, his shoulder was out along with his pelvis and back. The vet inspected him and said that his stifle was unstable along with his joints and body under developed due to starvation at some point in his growing life. The poor boy is just 3 years old. This photo was taken on arrival on the 9th of March. 

Poor Bex had pretty bad mud fever but he is all healed up now.

Bex had an eye ulcer which we treated with a treatment tube and I'm happy to say it has healed very well.

This is bex currently. He has grown about a hand already and his joints and stifle are all strong and sound now due to amazing chiropractic and muscle release therapy which he has regularly. He will be going to the breaker after winter and will be ready for adoption at the end of the year.

If you have seen earlier posts you will know the story of Jaffa who was surrendered with a massive lump of puss. We has this puss drained but it came back. We had it drained 3 times before opting for surgery and I'm glad we decided to have it cut out completely because there was some horrible dried cheese like puss in a pocket under the muscle which needed to come out. Jaffa is healing very well now and will be ready for adoption soon.

This is the pocket of puss

Loki was surrendered in poor condition. He is picking up well in care but at 22 years old I doubt we will be able to find him a suitable loving home. He needs supplements for his joints and isn't rideable. Its sad that no one wants these beautiful old horses.

The above photo is of Maisy and her hoof which hasn't been trimmed in 10 years. This poor pony was to far gone and we got her to the equine hospital for xrays but the specialist farrier and the vet suggested having her put down. She was far to gone for us to help her and for her to ever be pain free.

Poor Maisy couldn't even walk properly.

This is Paddy, he was surrendered in poor condition with a massive sarcoid on his side. We are currently treating the sarcoid but it will take a while to heal completely.

This is Savy, she was also surrendered in poor condition and she sadly had a 8 month old foal feeding off her at the time. We have taken her into care and she is slowly getting better. She is such a sweet old girl and will be fat and happy in no time.
Massive thank you to all of our supporters and volunteers for everything that they do to help SAHA and the horses. :-)

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