Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Update 1/8/13

It has been a few months since our last update. We do updates daily on our facebook page so don't forget to join. :-)

Bingo was purchased on the 22nd of June at the meat sales for $360. He is a 5 year old STB gelding and was in pretty poor condition. He had nasty ulcers and wasn't a very healthy horse. In 6 weeks Bingo was fat, healthy and ready for a trainer. Bingo has been vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, teeth, feet and will be heading to the trainer on Monday for 2 weeks before being offered for a home. :-) Keep an eye out on our page if you are interested in adoption.

At the sales

Week 6

Honey was bought from the same sale as Bingo. She was purchased for $150 and was in shocking condition. Honey is a 18 year old TB mare and has since put on weight well. She isn't ready for adoption yet but we are hoping in the next 8-12 weeks.
At the sale

Day 1

Week 6
Jinja was also bought from the same sale as Bingo and Honey. Jinja was purchased for $220 and was in light condition but nothing to bad. She has since spent 2 weeks with a trainer and is now looking for a new home. Jinja will be posted in our "horses for adoption" section very soon. She is 14.3hh and 13 years old needing a confident rider suitable for any type of riding.
Jinja at the sales
week 4

week 6

Illusion is a 6 month old Appy x Stock horse foal bought from a different sale. He was purchased for $260 and was completely unhandled. The poor little fellow has been with us for less than 1 week and is going well. He loves being touched and handled now. He will make a great horse for someone one day soon.

At the sale

Maggie was bought from the Knackery at the beginning of the year as a completely unhandled broodmare. She had just had her foal taken off her and was tossed away to be killed. We paid $250 to save her and she is now at the trainers being broken in. Maggie is 8-10 years old and such a sweet mare.
Maggie at the trainers

First rug
Savi was rescued from a TB stud. She had a little colt still on her but was in emaciated condition. She has since put weight on slowly but well. Savi is 21 years old and won over $100,000 as a racehorse.
Day 1

Week 8

Star was rescued from a different TB stud but the same story as Savi. She was being shipped off to slaughter and still had a little colt on her. She windsucks sadly but is slowly becoming brighter every day. Star is 19 years old and won quite a bit of money as a racehorse. We purchased Star for $100 to save her from becoming petfood.

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