Saturday, September 7, 2013

Update on Paddy

We have some bad news. Sadly we have made the very hard decision to have Paddy put to sleep. He recently spent a few days in the hospital due to the serve sarcoid which is causing him all kinds of grief. The sarciod is massive, not responding as well as hoped to the treatment which has become painful and he isn't a happy horse. It could take 12 months or longer before we can heal the massive skin tumor and even then poor paddy isn't comfortable with his arthritic knee's. Even if we treat the sarciod in the end he still has bad arthritis. In the end we have to make a choice based around quality of life and what the out come might be if we continue treatment and I really do think that we are prolonging his suffering by keeping him going. Paddy has never been a happy horse since we have had him and since arriving home from the hospital he has isolated himself from the other horses and just doesn't want to be near anyone. Its heartbreaking and I believe our decision is the right one. Paddy is booked into be laid to rest on Tuesday morning.

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