Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sulley Goes To His New Home

Sulley was surrendered after being purchased from the knackery as a riding horse but turned out to be quite aggressive. He was bought by Rathdowney Knackery from the Laidley sales last year and found his way to us in October 2010. Sulley wasn't a happy camper and something was really causing him pain. After months of rest and after seeing two different Chiropractors we still didn't know what was causing his pain and then we took him to Robert Humphries who was just amazing! After a few sessions with him, some acupuncture and rest he is no longer sore and has the most amazing nature. Even Robert said "you have a special horse there". Sulley Monster's breeding was also traced back to being a very well bred Warmblood which makes sense because he is 17.3 3/4 HH and 811kilos. He is a monster! Sulley is now in his new forever home under a life time contract.

Sulley on arrival in October 2010

Sulley 1 month before being re-homed

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