Saturday, April 16, 2011

Winter Rugs Needed

We are urgently needing some winter rugs.. If you have any that you are not using and would like to donate please give me a call. Thank you so much.

Amanda Vella

1 x 6'3 unlined canvas rug. (for midi)
1 x 6'6 rainsheet (no fill). (for Bandit)
1 x 6'3 rainsheet (no fill). (for Jet)
1 x 6'9 heavy waterproof winter rug. (for Marley)
1 x 6'6 heavy waterproof winter rug. (for Rusty)

We are also needing winter rugs from sizes 5'6 up to 6'9 and we will take rugs that need minor repairs. Waterproof rugs as well as polar fleece and woolen stable rugs. Thank you so much. xx

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