Thursday, June 2, 2011

Midi is looking for a forever home

Beautiful Midi is still looking for a loving new home. She is 15hh, about 16 years old and she is a grey Anglo Arab. Midi is an absolute gem to do anything with, she loves attention and groom time and gets jealous if you pay too much attention to the other horses. She is dying for the chance to bond with someone special. Midi does suffer for a little itch on her shoulder and neck so she will need to be rugged but its def not server and is maintained with medicated shampoo and rugging. She also has some floating issues which we have been working her through. She will load ok but once you go to get the tailgate up she freaks and backs out a million miles an hour, on the other hand though sometimes she stands in their perfectly. Midi can be aggressive to other horses but only ever at feed time, in saying that she isn’t top of the peaking order but will hold her own pretty well in a herd. Under saddle she is fresh and will jig jog for a while before settling down. She does toss her head a little at the beginning but this also settles in time and she is perfect for pleasure riding, trail riding and just a lovely fun horse for someone to love and work with.

Midi has had her teeth done, she has been on a 6 weekly worming program and has been vaccinated. She is a good doer and an easy horse to love and care for. Midi is rugged in a cotton during the day and a 180g turnout rug at night. She was just in a rainsheet for a while but just last week we started rugging her in something a little thicker. She really is a beautiful mare and you can see her under saddle here:

Her adoption fee is $300 under a life time adoption contract. If you are interested please email  with the subject headline “MIDI” and I will email you an application form and we can arrange a time for you to come and meet her. She is a beautiful girl searching for a beautiful home.

Me giving Midi cuddles

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