Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mishka is looking for sponsorship

Beautiful Mishka was surrendered only about 5 weeks ago when she had been abandoned in a paddock at an agistment centre. When she arrived she had a massive lump on her shoulder which I thought was a sarcoid but wanted to have a biopsy done before I started treating it. The biopsy came back that it wasn't a sarciod but was a malignant sarcoma.

Mishky is 24 years old and much to old for surgery so we have been treating her with Frankincense oil and sarco-41 with great success. I'm very happy with the progress however Mishky's treatment is quite expensive and we also have another horse having the same treatment done.

Frankincense oil is $130 for a 15ml bottle and we are using 1 per week. The Sarco-41 is $120 for the tubes which we are also using 1 per week.

We are looking for 10 sponsors who can pay $10 per week.

What you get for sponsoring Mishka: You will get a personalized album of her progress photos or a framed picture of her when she is all better. You will get a certificate of thanks for supporting SAHA and helping with Mishka's rehabilitation and you will be named on our website as Mishka's sponsor. You will also have the personal satisfaction that you have helped this amazing horse through her darkest hour.

It only cost $10 per week to sponsor Mishka so if you think you would like to help her get through her rehab please email me on saveahorseaustralia and I will give you all of the

Thank you so much for helping us help the horses.

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