Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update on Krystal

Our beautiful Krystal who has been retired with us since she arrived in September 2009 went down with a mystery illness on Friday the 1st of July. She was showing signs of discomfort, distress and was scouring pretty badly. We had the vet to her and she was placed on antibiotics to kill an infection which was in her gut. Her gut was very overactive and the antibiotic worked well, however after 5 days of treatment Krystal went down and she couldn't get up. The vet was called immediately and it turns out she had a reaction to the drug. Its now 1 and a half weeks later and princess Krystal has normal poo and is doing really well. Massive thanks to Andy from Nerang Equine Practice for her amazing help.

Krystal is a 28 year old stock horse mare who has taught two little girls how to ride since she has been with us. She is an amazing, sweet mare with so much love to give. Krystal took a while to pick up in rehabilitation and after a nasty case of impaction colic we decided to retire her with us forever. She will take her last breath in our care and she is loved by so many of our supporters and volunteers.

Having a rest

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