Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moving Our Gilston Rehabilitation Centre ~ Agistment/Spelling Available

We are moving our Gilston rehabilitation centre to a much bigger and better property in Mt Nathan (10 minutes from Nerang) and to help with the much larger rent cost we will be taking in some agistment/spelling horses. The facilities are 5 star and will help us so much with helping these amazing unwanted animals. If you are looking for spelling/agistment please give me a call.

Self Care from $30 - $50 per horse ~ or a paddock suitable for 3 horses for $100 per week (for someone who has 3 horses)

Full Care from $110 - $160 per horse

Stallion paddock POA depending on care (6 foot post and rail fully electric fencing)

Emergency yards for injured or horses needing to be confined $40 - $90 per week depending on care

24 hour care at rescue rehabilitation centre, perfect for spelling.

Sand arena 150ft, electric walker, 8 metre round yard, dam 20ft deep made for swimming horses, fully electric fences, automatic waters, mare and foal crush.

Access to vet, farrier, dentist, chiropractor.

Very Limited numbers.

Call Amanda 0405053740

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