Monday, October 31, 2011

3 day challenge

Ok we have a 3 day challenge. Our Nerang Equine Vet Bill is $1845 for the month and we really need some help with it. Can we raise $800 in 3 days? I think we can. Please email me if you can donate and how much so that I can keep a tally and please guys even just $1 helps. Use the reference VET and your surname and please email me if you require a tax receipt. Can we raise $800 in 3 days?? I really do think we can do it.
BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB come on guys, lets do this and thanks so much for helping us pay our huge vet bills.. (im also happy to email anyone a copy of the bill) :-) Thanks xxxx  ♥♥♥

We have large monthly vet bills especially with 22 horses in care, if you can help with a donation please that would be just wonderful. If you would prefer to pay money directly onto our vet bill you can find the bank details in the "how you can help section" but please remember to use the correct reference. Thank you so much for your support xxx

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