Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We rely on the public and desperately need help

Bad economical times have seen a huge influx of horses requiring help and have also seen a decline in financial support. If we could get just 1000 people to donate just $2 per week this would help more than you know. We are fully registered 100% not for profit and are run solely by volunteers.

Cash flow is something that we need most when rescuing horses. There are always a lot of ongoing expenses including feed, vet, farrier, dentist cost etc. If you are in a position to offer us an ongoing weekly donation please consider setting up a direct debit each week into our account. Once again using only your surname as the reference. Email us your name and address and at the end of the month you will get a month receipt. Our monthly expenses are well into the thousands and if we could get just 1000 people to donate just $2 per week that would help more than anything. Not many people would even miss the $2 per week which would go along way to help our sanctuary rescue these amazing animals. Please help us by being a regular supporter.

Email: saveahorseaustralia@yahoo.com.au

BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB

Save a Horse Australia Horse Rescue and Sanctuary rescues an average of 50 - 70 horses per year but this year has been our toughest financially, we do need continued support to keep our doors open.

Just a few of the horses we have rescued

Can you help by donating some feed?


141 Old Pacifice Hwy, Oxenford.
Phone....(07) 55731273
Deb, Scott, Justin & Kathy are great people, friendly service & have been a great supporter to SAHA. They have a book at their Produce Store set up to take feed donations. You can pay over the phone by credit card, drop in and pay directly, or do a bank transfer. Please tell them exactly what feed you would like to donate and you will be registered in the book. Deb is well aware of the different feeds that we use THANK YOU TO OXENFORD PRODUCE.

Kalbar, Qld.
Jenny & Russell Jenner.
Phone 0418 736588 (07) 54637549
Wonderful people, great hay suppliers !! They have Barley Hay $11 Lucerne Hay $15 Chaff (mixed) $25
If you would like to buy some hay or chaff for the rescue horses please call Jenny direct and she can take your order, and you can transfer funds online. Please remember to clearly mark your bank deposit as reference "SAHA & your name" ie:- "SAHA - Jane Doe" THANK YOU !!!

Mark & Vickie Timmins
20 Old Pacific Hwy, Yatala
Phone 38072212
Yatala Produce have been long time supporters of SAHA, supplying feed and also lending assistance with the rescue horses. Call in and see Vickie & Mark for all your horse needs. Feed donations via Yatala Produce can be made by cash or credit card in store, or by direct bank deposit. Please call Vickie for bank details. Reference "SAHA - your name". THANK YOU !!

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