Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just a Quick update

We have had 3 new horses come into care - 3 year old OTT TB which needs a spell due to injury. We had xrays done and will spell him for 6-12 months. 9 Year old TB gelding and a 20 year old emaciated 14hh of unknown breeding.

Also, we are opening a new care facility on the Gold Coast on the 18th of Jan 2013 and will be looking for some new volunteers to help run this facility. Please email if you would like to help. We are holding an orientation day in Feb 2013 which will be an all day event and will include a natural horsemanship lesson so that volunteers can learn how to handle our horses correctly. The date is yet to be set.

We have held our AGM and have elected a new committee. Details will be updated in the new year.

We also have some amazing fundraising ideas and will be looking for volunteers to help with fundraising, if you have some ideas or would like to help please email me.

Our 2013 calendar was an amazing success and we will be planning the 2014 in March. We are looking for some sexy men to model for us and each month will have a special theme with a different rescue horse. It will be a funny calendar so if you think the 2013 one was awesome just wait until the 2014 one is released! Fun times ahead!! :-)

Now we have been working so super hard all year and I have decided to close our admin office over Chrissy to give all of our committee a well earned break. This means that no one will be answering emails or inboxes or voicemail messages from the 21st of Dec - 5th  of Jan. If you have an urgent message you can text 0428333044 but only very urgent issues will be dealt with during that time. We need a break as well. In this 2 weeks we will not be taking in any new horses, adopting any out or putting on any new foster homes or volunteers.. Please wait until after the 5th of Jan for this.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a safe holiday and stay turned in 2013 for so much exciting news and updates. We are very excited to be opening the new Gold Coast Care facility in Guanaba on the 18th of Jan 2013. :-)

Much Love Amanda Vella xxx

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