Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We need your help

We need your help…. Rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming these abused, neglected, unwanted and slaughter bound horses is a commitment that I have promised to see until the end… Myself and my team work tirelessly around the clock to make sure these horses get everything they need to better help them find a lifelong loving home. Running a charity is a full time job, it’s like running a business that we don’t get paid for and on top of running this organisation I am also working a full time 50 hour per week job. Fundraising is our biggest challenge at the moment due to being so time poor but funding is the most important part of keeping our doors open for the horses in need. Cash flow is what we need the most and this doesn’t necessarily mean lots of massive donations, we need regular donations no matter how small. I have a challenge for you… We have over 6600 people on our Facebook page and if everyone donated just $2 per week we would have more than enough to rescue twice what we are rescuing at the moment. Sadly I am turning horses away with owners taking them to the knackery because we just don’t have the funding to rescue more than what we currently have. So here is my challenge: 5% of our members committing to donate $2 per week.. That’s 330 people donating $2 per week… Think about what that $2 could by you? A can of coke? No… a coffee?? No… not even a packet of chips these days. It costs over $2 just to use an ATM machine that doesn’t belong to your bank. But that $2 goes a very long way in helping us rescue more and more horses. At our Sanctuary in Thagoona we have 2 spots for 2 more rescues but our funding won’t allow us to take any more on. Please, will your $2 per week help us save more lives? Our challenge is to have 330 people sign up for $2 per week.
Set up a periodic direct debit on your internet banking today, I have posted bank details below and please email saveahorseaustralia@yahoo.com.au with your full name so that I can personally thank you and for the tax receipts. You honestly have no idea how far your $2 per week will go and I look forward to sending you massive thank you emails… all 330+ of you, don’t forget to use your surname as the reference… Thank you and much love ~ Amanda Vella
BSB: 084852
ACC: 189538671
Name: Save A Horse Australia
Bank: NAB

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