Monday, September 12, 2011

Day With Paul Sparrow From Precious Pet Photography

We had some beautiful photos taken by Paul Sparrow from Precious Pet Photography for our charity calendar. Paul did an amazing job and I'm still not sure which ones to use for the calendar but here are a few for everyone to see. They are so beautiful and I'm extremely happy with how they turned out. Paul is a wonderful man and a very talented photographer.

Massive thanks to Paul for donating his time especially in a Sunday. xxx

Abbey rescued in Dec 2010 in poor condition 25 years old

Jet rescued in Jan 2011 in poor condition 23 years old

Jack rescued in May 2011 with grey horse melanoma's 12 years old

Krystal rescued in September 2009 in poor condition 28 years old

Midi rescued in April 2011 with floating issues 16 years old

Mishka rescued in May 2011 with a sarcoma 24 years old

Marley rescued in Nov 2010 with fractured pedal bones 12 years old

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