Monday, September 26, 2011

We have a new rescue

This is Bella, she is a 10 year old TB mare who is in poor condition and very weak. Bella's blood test show they she is chronically anemic, has low white blood count and that her liver is really struggling. We have put her on 5 small meals per day, an iron supplement called “Blud”, a herbal blend to help heal her gut, boost her immune system and help her body to heal itself. She is also on antibiotics and will have 2-3 courses to try and kill the infection in her body. After the antibiotics she will go on a course of omaguard as well and she is having vitamin B shots along with rosehip for vitamin C. She isn’t in a very good way at the moment but slowly she is getting better and I have really noticed the difference in just 3 days. Bella is also having an essential oil massage twice per day which she loves.

Bella is currently looking for some sponsors, if you’re interested in helping support Bella through her rehabilitation for only $10 per week please email me using the subject “bella” and ill email you all of the details.

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