Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A 'MASSIVE' Horse Rescue Update.

First of all I would like to say sorry for the delay in updating everyone on the horses progress. Save A Horse Australia Horse Rescue is now at FULL capacity with 19 rescues altogether. Between the large number of rescues and the terrible weather it has been nearly impossible to take photos and find the time to write the update.

It has been a very busy fortnight with 7 new rescues coming in but now things have settled and it would be lovely if the weather would settle too.

Hope the 'Mud Monster'
HOPEY DOPEY ~ Hopey is going really well, very soon she will be ready for her new home but first we need to get her hernia fixed. It’s only very small and I wanted her to be big and strong before surgery. As soon as the weather clears up she will have it done, and then back into the paddock for some rest before being re-homed. Hope has come a very long way since she arrived and she has grown into a beautiful Galloway. She is stunning and has a personality to match. She is a naughty rug wrecker, loved rolling in the mud and holds her back leg up while eating. Just a weird little quirk she has...

Sulley ~ Lovely and warm in his clean rug
   SULLEY ~ I had the chiropractor look at him again and he can’t seem to fix his stifle issue, so I have the vet booked into give him some cortisone shots. He will then need to be worked solid to build up muscle but sadly I don’t think Sulley will ever be suitable for anything more than trail and pleasure riding. He is an amazing sweet boy with a heart of gold and just loves cuddles and grooms. He is no longer grumpy and has really settled in well. I’ll be having his stifle treated when the vet does Hope's hernia and all of the other surgery’s I have booked in for other rescue horses.

Grandma ~ Looking fantastic

GRANDMA ~ Is very much ready for a new home but it’s been pouring rain so I haven’t had a chance to ride her and assess her temperament. I’m sure she will be just fine but we need a nice day to make sure. Ma has been an amazing horse and a great nanny to Hope so I’ve been thinking of using her as a nanny horse for our little orphan colt..

Bambi in her new underwear
BAMBI ~ Has put on weight really well and will be ready very soon for a new home. She is only 14 years old and with the right training will make a nice riding mare. She just loves rolling in the mud as well but doesn’t wreck rugs which is awesome. Her hoof abscess healed up nicely and she gallops around the paddock like a mad woman. She is a sweet mare and lovely to do anything with.

Sampy looking very hansome

SAMPY ~ I had the vet look at Sampy’s hooves and they are in a pretty bad way which is causing his random lameness. He needs shoes on to help build up the hoof wall and he needs biotin supplement to help them grow healthy and strong. He has really come out of his shell and doesn’t snort or run away any more. He LOVES grooms and has his funny little itchy spots. He does hate the mud though and will do anything not to walk in it... It’s funny because at the moment, there is mud everywhere!!

Zena ~ Enjoying being inside out of the rain

ZENA ~ Is putting on weight very very slowly. She has some major tummy issues going on and I’ve put her on ulcer guard because the herbal treatment wasn’t enough. She is a chronic windsucker also doesn’t help but with time she will come along nicely. She has so much energy now and today was being a little naughty which required me to be a little stern with her ~ which is very much unlike Zena... She is feeling good.

Mustang Sally ~ A very stunning girl
MUSTANG SALLY ~ I had the Vet and an eye specialist assess Sally’s eye and both said that it is a very advanced tumor and that surgery was very risky and the chances of the cancer coming back even more aggressive where very high. She would also need chemotherapy to help kill the advanced cancer cells. I have been prescribed some cream from a natural therapist lady who has told me that it has cured some very aggressive skin cancers on both animals and humans. I have also heard many wonderful stories about this cream and thought there is no harm in trying. It’s called Cancema and we have applied to twice already. Fingers crossed and please pray for Sally. She has settled in so well and yesterday I mucked her whole stable out without her going into the day yard and she didn’t snort once. She even came over for a sniff and some carrots. She has quietened down so much since arriving and just needs to learn how to trust. She is a lovely mare and is showing her sweet nature more and more every day.

Blondie sound asleep

BLONDIE ~ Her legs are really giving her all kinds of problems and when she locks up, she really locks up. Blondie lays down a lot and needs surgery to fix her stifle lock. I have her booked in and as soon as the weather is nice the vet will come out and do her surgery. She is a real sweet little girl and just loves being groomed and fussed over. She does rest her legs a lot and will let you lie down and have a sleep in her stable with her. She loves cuddles..

Caesar being brave.

 CAESAR ~ Is so cute. He is settling in well and just loves a scratch behind the ear. He loves giving kisses and smells like vanilla milk. His milk smells so nice I tried it, but it doesn’t taste as good as it smells. He is eating solid food really well now and loves his hay. I’ve been thinking of putting him out with Ma soon so he doesn’t become too humanised.

Pinto ~ enjoying a walk and some summer grass
 PINTO ~ Is still very timid but enjoyed going for a walk today to eat some yummy summer grass. He is funny sometimes; he makes a noise with his hooves and scares himself. Silly little pony... But he will settle in soon.

HELIX ~ as normal is being a right pain in the butt. He decided he didn’t want his feet trimmed when the farrier arrived so he escaped from his paddock and ran away into the big paddock with the big horses and wouldn’t let anyone near him. I was beside myself because he needed his feet trimmed... So what did I do?? What would anyone do in this situation?? I called out the big guns.... Little, naughty black just gelded mini pony running away being naughty, so I go up to the stables and pull out this beautiful, petite little blonde lady... Well Helix see’s Blondie and comes running ~ the silly pony followed her right into the stable. I found his weakness ~ little blonde girls.

ZORIA ~ Will be officially adopted to Karen his week. She found the perfect forever home
JUNE ~ Is still looking for a forever home and has a lovely couple coming to look at her and Benita on Friday. Wish us luck

BENITA ~ has put on weight really well and is also ready for a new home. She also has a lovely couple coming to look at her on Friday.

Mary & Ryley

MARY & RYLEY ~ are both going really well. We are booking Ryley into surgery to have his leg straightened next week. Fingers crossed all will work out perfectly. Both him and Mary are sweet natured horses and have their whole lives ahead of them. Mary is only 9 years old and once Ryley is weaned she will be assessed as a riding horsey.

Max ~ The day he arrived
MAX ~ Has the vet booked into treat the sarcoids on his nose on Friday. They are growing so fast and I’m hoping we can control them without needing surgery. He is very spoilt and needs to learn some ground manners but is a very sweet natured amazing QH gelding. He is only 4 years old as well and has so much life and love to give. I’m sure he will recover nicely.

Whiskey looking fantastic
WHISKEY ~ His eye still hasn’t improved much and the vet is worried the mass in his eye is a tumor. I’m currently arranging transport to have him taken into the specialist for a biopsy and a second opinion.

KRYSTAL ~ Is going really well and apart from the odd nose bleed she is enjoying her retirement being pampered by Rachel and Ryley.

Thankyou, Thankyou and more Thankyous

There are so many people I need to say Thank you to because there has been so much happening recently.
Firstly, I would like to thank Yatala Produce, Mark & Vicki had their christmas party last Sunday and all the proceeds of the day are being donated to Save A Horse Australia. Also a big thankyou to all the people who attended the party it was a great afternoon with lots of laughs and fun. Of course a big thankyou to Skye for bring the special guest of the day to the party "Muffy the mini pony ~ she is absolutely adorable.

A very big thankyou to all the people who have purchased raffle tickets you have been amazing, there are still 5 days left to purchase tickets so if you are interested please email Pricilla at saveahorseaustralia@hotmail.com  . With so many horses needing surgery and medical treatment at the moment the proceeds of this raffle will be a tremendous help.

Donations, donations, donations ...wow I can't believe how wonderful everyone has been everytime I go to the post office to pick up the mail the lady at the counter always tells me to go get a shopping trolley. These donations are wonderful, there have been rugs, grooming gear, fly masks, halters you name it and it has been in one of the packages. I honestly can not thank you enough. With all the horses that come and go we go through so much gear it is unbelievable.

A huge thankyou to everyone who has made payments on my vet bill. As you can imagine my vet bills are massive because I have so many horses that have serious medical needs and I always make sure that each horse has a vet check as soon as they arrive and they also have blood tests so I know exactly what issues I am dealing with for each individual horse. The payments my supporters make on the vet bill help so much.

Another big thankyou to everyone who has helped with transporting horses, helping settle the horses in, helped with organising rescues. Thankyou for all the kind, supportive messages, phonecalls and everything else everyone has done to help.

Without the constant support and help it would not be possible to rescue all these horses. I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

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