Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rescue Horse of the Week

This week our rescue horse of the week is Hopey Dopey. Hope was advertised for sale from Brian Munro for $100 and i couldn't go past her beautiful face. She was almost two years old and a TB filly but was the size of a small weanling (11.2hh). She arrived on the 31st of July and my vet said he would be surprised if her muscles developed properly due to extreme starvation.

I wormed her, vaccinated her and turned her out into the paddock for 6 weeks with Ma to learn to trust and heal her broken heart. She would come up for attention but if you reached out to touch her she would run away. After 6 weeks I decided it was time for her to come into the handling yard for some handling. Catching her was a complete mission and she would fight and resist. I ended up with massive rope burn and she ended up with some skin off her leg but after a good hour she walked happily up to the stables with me.

After some grooming, baths and lots and lots of love and treats Hopey is now a massive sook, loves human attention and will walk all over you for cuddles. She gets jealous of other horses and rubs herself all over anyone and everyone. She definitely needs to learn some ground manners.

Hopey is having her hernia surgery next week than she will be rested for a little longer before going up for adoption. She is now 2 years old,14.2hh and will make an awesome little horse for someone.

Hope on arrival 31st July 2010

Hope October 2010

Hope November 2010

The swamp Monster ~ December 2010

Hope should be ready for adoption around Feb/March 2011. She will be posted in the horses for adoption section of this website when she is ready.

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