Monday, December 6, 2010

Only 6 Days left to buy raffle tickets.

Thankyou to everyone who has supported Save A Horse Australia Horse Rescue & Sanctuary by purchasing raffle tickets.

There are still 6 days left to purchase tickets, the big draw will take place on the 15th December 2010. There are 5 prizes to be won and tickets are just $2 each.  All money raised goes towards paying for the rescue horses surgery. The cut off for purchasing tickets is the 13th to allow all money to transfer thru to my account.

Mustang Sally is a sweet paint mare who was rescued from the knackery. She has a cancerous growth on her eye with needs to be removed, she may even lose her eye. Even in the short time Mustang Sally has been at the rescue she has started to trust a little more is allowing people to get closer to her. If we are able to beat the cancer this mare is going to become a lovely natured mare with a bit of time, she is already showing signs of wanting to trust but her fear is holding her back at the moment.

Ryley is a 5 week old foal who needs surgery to have his leg straightened once this operation is done he will have normal mobility and will have a bright future with no limitations. At the moment Ryley does try to trot around but his leg makes this difficult.

Blondie is a tiny 2 year old palomino mini mare who is in foal. Both of her back legs lock up so she spends most of her time laying down. She urgently needs to have an operation on both back legs to stop them from locking so she is able to move around and lead a normal horsey life.

If you would like to buy raffle tickets please email:

All money raised is for the rescue horse's surgeries.

Again thankyou for supporting Save A Horse Australia Horse Rescue & Sanctuary. Without your support these rescues would not be possible.

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