Monday, December 13, 2010

A Quick Update on Horses Needing Medical Treatment

RYLEY ~ is booked into the Gold Coast Equine Centre for surgery on Thursday at 1pm, fingers crossed all goes well.

WHISKEY ~ Is being transported tomorrow for his vet appointment, second opinion and biopsy if needed ~ fingers crossed the small mass in his eye isn't cancer. If it is he will be booked into the Gold Coast Equine Centre for immediate surgery to have it removed.

SAMPY ~ Had his special shoes put on today and the farrier commented on what an amazing smart horsey he is. He will be transported from our Gilston rehab centre to our Allanview rehab centre to be rehabilitated with Marley who also has hoof issues.

MARLEY ~ Had xrays yesterday and has chronic laminitis, white line disease and two fractured petal bones ~ the farrier is assessing him today to fix him with special shoes. He is strapped up and on pain killers.

BLONDIE ~ Hasn't had her surgery yet and we have been waiting for fine weather because it can be done in the paddock. She is currently stabled so she can lay down in the wood shavings and be comfortable. She is taken out for slow walks and does special exercises to help with her locking stifle. Her pregenant belly is getting bigger and bigger. We are hoping for a nice day on Friday to do surgery.

SULLEY ~ Will be having cortisone injections into both legs to help his stifle lock, this will be happening the same day as Blondie's surgery. He will be rested for 2 weeks then sent somewhere for 4 weeks of work to build up the mucsle. This should help his stifle issues but he will only ever be suitable for pleasure riding.

SALLY ~ Sadly the tumor started to fall away and came away from the eye quite a lot, but after all the black bits dropped off there was more fleshy new bits growing. We are still trying the cream and praying but im starting to lose faith. She will now come right up to the stable door and take food from my hand. She follows me and carol everywhere and will let me stroke her nose but she still hates being caught. She is settling in and is learning to trust but if she gets a fright she is lightening fast and will jump on top of anyone in her way. She is just so scared. Im praying for a miracle.

HOPE ~ Is having her hernia surgery on the same day as Blondie and Sulley are having treatment. She will then go back to the paddock for a rest before being rehomed in the new year. She has an ever so slight amount of rain scald on her neck from the rain but this will heal up well.

MAX ~ Had his biopsy done last Friday and we will get the results back tomorrow. Then we will know how to treat him. He is a cheeky boy and so loving.

Caeser, June, Pinto, Helix, Bambi, Ma, Zena, Mary and Krystal are all going well.

MASSIVE THANK YOU ~ To Pricilla, Sandy, Steph, Karen, Cindy, Pete and Carol along with all vets ~ Louise Cosgrove (Exclusively Equine Veterinary Services) , Michael Higgins (Nerang Equine Practice), David and kelly (Veresdale Equine Veterinary Services) and the team operating on Ryley tomorrow (Gold Coast Equine Centre). Also, thank you to the team behind the vets!

Thank you to EVERYONE who bought raffle tickets, we will be drawing it tomorrow ~ good luck everyone, I wouldn't be able to do half as much without your ongoing love and support.. xxx
Thank you to everyone for your support xxx ♥

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