Monday, January 17, 2011

A very sad ending ~ so heartbreaking

Beautiful Diaz

Surrendered on the 18th of Dec in shocking condition, Diaz couldn't even walk. He was in so much pain and his spirit was completely gone. He had no fight at all left in him but I kept fighting and fighting in the hope that he would brighten up and his pain would go away. Sadly this wasn't the case. I had xrays done on the 11th of Jan after corrective shoeing wasn't working and I personally wasn't there when they were done because I was out in flood effected areas trying to rescuing horses from flood water. That afternoon I was told that his hooves where worse than we thought. The vet suggested putting him down and after spending the whole day recovering 4 dead horses from flood water I just needed a night to gather my thoughts. But Diaz didn't want to wait and that night I made a mad dash out to Allanview Rehab Centre because he laid down and wouldn't get up... There, in the pouring rain at 10pm, Diaz just gave up and i had him put to sleep at 10.30pm on the 11th of Jan 2011 ~ His body was freezing cold and I sat there, in the paddock with Karen and Steph and we stroked him. Diaz was a lost soul and his death has gotten to me more than any of the others ~ his heart was broken, you could just see it in his soul...

He is at peace now.. RIP baby boy and see you at Rainbow bridge... xxx

Diaz on arrival

A few weeks in care

The week before being put to sleep

~ Rescuers Prayer ~

Oh that I could spare your pain
And tell the world how beautiful you are to me
I see your eyes through cloud and rain
Your spirit is a light beyond the cruelty
You trust in the ones that confine you
You love when the hurt has downed you
Oh if only dreams came true
Oh if only I could save you
Gentle is your heart so near
Broken in a world that never knew your name
I will hold your memory dear
Burning in my soul a precious candle flame
We rescue the ones we believe in
We care ever more in our grieving
Parting is our sorrow's work
Dear Lord make their voices heard...
Oh that I could spare your pain
And tell the world how beautiful you are to me...


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