Saturday, January 22, 2011

Max Goes Mustering

Max is a first x QH gelding by a stallion called Cool Wily Jack Q44075 out of a TB mare. He is just 15.3hh and weighs 577 kilos. Tomorrow Maxi is heading out west to do some mustering and cow chasing for 4 weeks while still being treated for sarciods (small one on his nose). We are hoping that this training will help Maxi with his bad attitude. Max is PERFECT under saddle, so smart and willing but can be quiet nasty towards other horses and people on the ground. He has no manners what so ever and if you get pushy with him, he will get pushy back and really gets upset. Max is 4 years old and has been spoilt at some stage in his life.
I believe that station work will be perfect for Max and I really think he will enjoy it. I will keep you all posted on his progress over the next 4 week.
Max will be best suited to a male owner and someone who will challenge his mind, teaching him new things and not fussing over him like a pet. He is from working lines (QH) and he really doesn't like being fussed over to much. He needs to be challenged or he gets bored and destructive.
Massive thanks to Bunya Valley Performance Horses for taking Max for the next 4 weeks and doing some mustering work with him.

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