Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Desperately needing some items ♥

Save A Horse Australia is in desperate need of a few items. If you can help please email or call me asap.

1. Star Pickets
2. Electric Fencing Hot Tape
3. Insulators
4. Summer flysheet / cotton rugs sizes 5'6 - 6'9

If you can help by purchasing an item or if you have some lying around please call or email me asap 0405053740

We will be having a winter rug donation drive very soon as well to get some rugs in for winter. This will give us enough time to have repairs done etc and have them stored away for the cooler months to keep out skinny rescue horses warm. If you have any lying around please have a look and if you don't think you will be using them please consider donating them to help keep a rescue horse warm. The winter rugs we use the most are:
1. Polar fleece
2. doona stable rugs
3. lined waterproof paddock rugs (canvas or synthetic)
4. unlined water proof canvas or rainsheets
Rugs needing repairs are accepted with open arms. Thank you..

Thank you so much for your support xx ♥

Amanda Vella

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