Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Update on Promise

Promise was bought from the slaughter pens at the Gympie Dogger Sale in Mid October, she had a nasty infected cut on her leg which was old and infected. The wound is healing well however the leg is swelling when not strapped and x-rays have shown some issues with the bone. We will be taking her to the Gold Coast Equine Centre for treatment to see what is going on inside her leg.

At the Gympie Sales

Her leg at the sales

After we cleaned it up

Healing well

After a groom and 1 week in care

Healing well

3 weeks in care, looking and feeling much better

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  1. Omg .I can't beleive anyone could do this to a poor defence less living soul.. What is this world coming to. Do the human race not understand the loyalty and unconditional love any prescious animal gives them and this is how they repay them..If anyone done this to a human they would be jailed for it..i dont understand why its any different for animals.. The justice system is wrong.I would love to help in any way possible even though i live in Noosa sunshine coast if i can help in anyway please let me no.. I would love to donate $10 a week even though its not much .. I have never met u or know u but u r a inspiration to me for helping and saving these defenceless soles out.. kind regards Nikki.