Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Rescue Standerbreds

We have had two new rescues come into care at our Thagoona Sanctuary. Storm and Anzac are both beautiful boys however Storm is recovering much faster than Anzac.

Storm - is a 14 year old Black 16.1hh STB gelding who has gained weight well and is responding to treatment quickly.

Anzac - is a 10 year old bay 16hh STB gelding who is having the same treatment as Storm but isnt recovering as quickly. They both have had their teeth done and Anzac will now be treated for ulcers. Anzac also has some back issues which we will be working on.

Storm on arrival


2 weeks in care

Anzac on arrival

2 weeks in care

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  1. Wow isn't storm stunning I would love to give him a forever home. I came off a few years ago and broke my leg but im gaining confidences slowly my other half loves to ride as well how ever at the moment. I've been riding my friends horse.. while I'm looking. For ny own I Will be adjisting my horse at her place as well. I am physicaly disabled and I want to eventually get in to comps my email is chelseaharrington@bigpond.com I also love your fb page