Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Update on Marley

Marley has been one of our longest residents. He came into care in December 2010 with chronic laminitis and really badly cracked front hooves. Over the next year one of his hooves healed perfectly but sadly the other hoof was growing cracked. After 3 different very good specialist farriers were unable to fix him the vet suggested putting him down... But we still had one more avenue. I took Marley to the Gold Coast Equine Centre and under the care of their specialist vets and amazing corrective farrier Mark Oleary. On arrival they weren't really sure if he could be fixed and if he could be fixed they didn't think he would ever be ridable, but they didn't give up and now, just 4 months after taking him to the hospital for his monthly sessions they are confident that he will be sound enough to be ridden again soon. I am so happy and after 2 long years in rehabilitation we can finally see some light at the end of a very long tunnel, however his rehabilitation isnt over yet. We still have a little way to go.

MASSIVE THANKS TO: The Gold Coast Equine Centre who provided us with hope and provided Marley with the best care available. We are so grateful and Marely goes back for his 5th appointment on Thursday the 29/11/12.

Cracked hoof on arrival

First farrier visit in Dec 2010

Marley was abscessing monthly

Still one year in care with no improvement

Such a beautiful young horse we couldnt give up

Marley at the Gold Coast Equine Centre

After surgery

With no hoof wall the farrier glued a shoe on

YAY results.

First x-ray 13/12/10

First x-rays at the GCEC

Second x-rays at the GCEC you can see the hoof wall growth

Third X-rays... Look at that growth!

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