Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gidget - SAHA's first Goat Rescue Mission

I got a call one morning about a little baby goat which had its nose and mouth almost ripped off, knowing nothing about goats at all we couldn't leave her there so decided to rescue her and take her straight to the vet for an assessment. The poor little thing need immediate surgery to have its nose reconstructed because not only was it extremely painful, she couldn't suckle on the bottle either. The first lot of surgery wasn't so successful so we tried again and the second lot was 100% successful. I don't actually have photos of it before surgery, we only had her about an hour before the surgery so just didn't have time to snap off some photos. You can however see in the photos below the scar around her nose. Gidget's treatment has cost us just over $2,000 but she is a special goat and deserved the chance to have a beautiful loving life. Gidget was fostered by one of our experienced foster carers and her daughter has bonded with this little goat. They are best friends. I think they may just adopt her when she is ready :-) I love happy endings.

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