Sunday, December 22, 2013

Trixie - One special mare

This little pony is a fighter, she has a light burning inside of her soul brighter than anything I've ever known. She has something to teach people, a story to tell and a life to live.

I cant remember the exact date, but it was in November this year, myself (Amanda), Jennifer, Lori, Lace, Hannah and Helen went down to the Grafton meat sales to rescue one horse. We only had one space left at our over full Sanctuary as it was but like most people there is no way you can go to one of those sales and only came home with one horse. It was our Secretary Jen's first ever sale experience and she didn't cope so well at all. I remember watching the tears stream down her face only after the first few horses had gone through and in true Jen style she bought one of those horses. After an hour of watching horse after horse get bought by meat buyers we arranged to pay for our mare and head home. We had bought a beautiful big Chestnut TB mare who's name we discovered later from the Australian Studbook was "Miss Chicane". Jen and Helen went to pay for the mare and I told them that Lori and I would meet them both at our horses pen to help load her and for the first time since I arrived at the sales (Lori and I arrived late forgetting the hour time difference in NSW) we walked through the remainder of what horses were left to go through the meat ring. There at the back of the yards were two chronically emaciated little ponies of about 11hh, one bay and one grey. Both were in shocking condition, both very weak and both had been running with a stallion. Just as we arrived at their gate the auction worker opened the gate and chased them down the walkway and into the ring. I stood still and told Lori that we must listen to who buys them and for how much. They sold for $30 each to a knackery owner I know well and had bought off before. We head back to our mare and load her onto the float then on the way home I call the lady who I deal with at that knackery and tell her that their buyer has two sick ponies that I want to buy. She agrees to ask the owner and get back to me. They agreed to sell me the ponies for $200 which I was happy to pay. Sadly the little bay mare was far to weak and she didn't make it, the grey mare was just as weak but she fought and fought and im happy to say she is now doing so well. We named her Trixie-Belle and she is one special little pony.

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