Sunday, December 22, 2013


This is a story of fate. On the 25th of October, I went to the Warwick Horse Sales to check out what kind of horses were sold through the meat section. I had never been to the Warwick sales before and I wasn't prepared to buy any horses nor did I have the transport arrange to get any home. The visit was a spur of the moment decision to see if it was small or large and whether it was a true meat competition sale or not. I was horrified and the amazing horses standing in the meat pens and due to not being organised to actually buy a horse and get it home, I left before bidding started. Warwick is a 2 hour drive from the Sanctuary and we were pretty full at the time as well. On the way home, I felt sick about leaving without buying anything but I couldn't buy a horse and leave it in the pens until I could arrange transport. I am a planner and must have everything perfectly in order before making such decisions. Anyway, 3 days after the sales our Secretary Jennifer gets a call from the gentleman who runs Warwick sales to ask us if we wanted a little unhandled wild as hell filly that had been left behind. A knackery buyer had bought the filly but somehow when loading all of his horses onto the truck she was forgotten. The filly was offered to us for $60 and we arranged transport to get her straight to the trainer for some handling. She was crazy and wild as hell, never had a human hand touch her body before. After 2 days of handling she calmed down and allowed the trainers to do her feet which was such an achievement.

Tuesday has been in care for two months and Im happy to announce that yesterday she went to her forever home with one of our volunteers (Lace) who has been doing all of her handling and care. Lace's partner knew how much she loved Tuesday so he arranged her adoption application etc and adopted Tuesday for Lace for her birthday, it was beautiful. Tuesday doesn't know how lucky she is but I do believe in fate and it wasn't her time to die. She is going to be something special this little mare :-)

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