Sunday, December 22, 2013


Our beautiful Haven was bought from the knackery on the 8th of October as a heavily in foal mare. She was transported down and was so sick we had the vet to her immediately. I had never seen such a horrific worm infestation in my entire life and before she was even wormed she was passing massive amounts of live worms. It turns out Haven wasn't in foal and the huge belly was because of the massive amount of worms living inside of her. She was wormed 3 times over 6 weeks just to get rid of them all and has since turned into a beautiful healthy mare. Haven is meant to be 23 years old and a registered stock horse from a station out west, but who knows if this information is correct or not. All I know is that she wasn't a well mare and she needed our help which we gave her. Its been 2 and a half months since Haven was rescued and she is now almost ready for a home :-)

On arrival

Massive amount of live worms before we even wormed her

Having her teeth done

Haven 2 months in care

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