Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chyanne ~ A flood victim

The beautiful Chyanne is an aged pony who was caught up in the devastation that was the QLD floods. She was rescued from rising flood water and swam to safety after being caught up in fencing. Sadly her owner suffered all kinds of loss including feed and after being flooded in for weeks her beautiful old mare lost a lot of condition. Chyanne's owner made the heart breaking decision to surrender her due to not being about to help her old mare get better but we have given her the option of adopting her back once she has settled into her new home and gotten back on her feet and once Chyanne is all healthy and ready for re-homing. Sadly the QLD floods affected a lot of people and in many different ways. 
Chyanne was very dehydrated when she arrived but after a few days on vitamin injections, supplements and electrolytes she is a different horse.

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