Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sulley is going so well and is almost ready for his new home

Sulley was surrendered in November 2010 when he was purchased from the knackery for a kids program but wasn't suitable. He was very grumpy and was showing signs of aggression to his owners so they surrendered him. Sulley was actually in pain and was showing signs of arthritis but on further investigation he was actually "out" everywhere. We healed his stomach ulcers and he was treated by Robert Humphries Equine Chiropractor who discovered that his jaw was out causing pain when eating. His poll was out causing a permanent head ache and his pelvis was out causing pain in his back end. He was adjusted and is now perfectly sound and ready for his home. Sulley has one more follow up appointment with Robert on the 16th of April and after that he is going to live with Kylie Cole in his new forever home. Another very happy ending for a beautiful big gentle giant who was almost slaughter just because he was in a little pain.

Sulley on arrival

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