Monday, March 14, 2011

Update on Freya's Foal Milo

As many of you would remember back on the 20th of Feb 2010 I went to the Gympie sales and fell in love with a beautiful Grey mare and her foal. I wasn't able to stay for the auction due to having a sick horse at home but this mare really played on my mind and i couldn't stop thinking about her. The next day I searched every knackery and dogger trying to find out who bought her and I found her at Rathdowney knackery. She was bought for $90 and was completely unhandled. The knackery owner told me that her little foal had been injured and needed to be killed but she was $400 to rescue.

Myself and the lovely Melissa made the journey out to Rathdowney to rescue her and 7 months later she was re-homed. During her rehabilitation a lovely lady called "Mandy" actually contacted me and told me that she bought the little foal off Rathdowney at the Gympie sales and that he had indeed been rescued, he was about 2 months old.
Well this is an update on how the little foal is doing. Mandy named him Seal and he is now a yearling but he was re-homed to another lovely lady who has re-named him Milo. He was bay, went black and is now greying out. He is happy and very healthy and going so well.
A massive thanks to everyone who was involved in Freya's rescue through SAHA and for the people who donated money to rescue her and a massive thanks to the lovely people involved in rescuing little Milo. Isn't he BEAUTIFUL.

Freya also found a lovely forever home and is very much loved by her new family. This is one very happy story on both sides and this is what makes us keep on going, even when we think we cant.

Milo at the Gympie sales
Freya and Milo at the Gympie sales
Milo now ~ one year after being rescued
Freya 7 months after rescue

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