Sunday, March 20, 2011

Increase in Equine eye Carcinoma (Cancer)

In Australia, but especially in Queensland there has been an increased number of younger horses developing eye Carcinoma's. There are a number of different types but the most common one is Squamous Cell Carcinoma which is caused by the UV rays. Mostly Appaloosa's, Paints and light coloured horses with pink pigmented skin will develop a Squamous Cell Carcinoma, however; they are not limited to such horses.

In QLD we have the highest rate of "human" skin cancers in the world, the strength of the UV rays over Australia is recorded as one of the highest and when we go out into the sun we protect ourselves from the suns rays but our equine friends have long been forgotten.

It is extremely important to protect our horses eyes with a good quality UV protection fly mask during the day especially in summer but also in winter. This will protect your horse from the harmful UV rays, avoiding Carcinoma's, a $3000+ vet bill and death.

UV safe fly masks are essential and for the sake of $30 is worth its weight in gold.

RIP Sally your death was not in vain

SAHA currently has two horses being treated for Carcinoma's. Whiskey is an Appy who has spent 6 weeks in the horse hospital having surgery and chemo. He is only 15 years old. Chicky is a TB mare who is only 8 years old, but we caught hers very early. Both should make a full recovery but we do have a $6000 vet bill just for these two horses. Our vet bill for the month of feb is $8200. If you can help with making a tax deductible donation of buying a raffle ticket in our current raffle please click on the link below for more details.

Thank you for your love and support xxx

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  1. Hi
    I have a Perlino who is extremly pink around eyes and nose do u know where i can buy a good quality high uv fly mask & nose band.