Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chance Has Retired With S.A.H.A

Chance was surrendered to me back in June when the young lady who rescued him from the knackery couldnt take care of him. He was bought by Rathdowney knackery on the 28th of May from the Grafton dogger sales. He was then bought from Rathdoney for $150 and later was surrendered to me. Little Chance'y is a 30 year old stallion and is way to old to geld. We have had him for adoption to the right home, but sadly no home has come up and many people have told me that i should have him put to sleep. At home, we only have 8 acres of land in a very residential area and my stallion yard and stable are very small and not suitable for a horse long-term. But, a lovely lady put her hand up and offered her property as she has a massive stallion paddock, but i would still have to fund his retirement. Yesterday the beautiful KT and Bridget transported Chance out to the new paddock on Karen's property and he just loves it there. He is an awesome little horse and im hoping that all goes well and he can live out his days in his new paddock.. The grass is so lovely but he has no teeth and will still require hard feeding.

28th May in the sale yards

The day he was surrendered to me

A few weeks later

Needing a bath

After a nice groom

Nice and healthy

Galloping around his new paddock

Enjoying his new paddock

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