Friday, September 10, 2010

Rescue Horse of the Week ~ A very special story

Each week we will profile a rescue horse from the past with an update on how the horse is going now.. This week we will profile Jimmy and Benny as their stories are very closely related.

On the 18th of Jan 2010 a lovely lady named Hayley took on a rescue horse that someone was trying to re-home through my website. He was a STB gelding, in poor condition and desprately needing a new home. Hayley opened up her heart and home for this big fellow and she fell in love.

Jimmy 18th Jan 2010

Hayley loved Jimmy so much and in no time he was a beautiful healthy boy.

2nd April 2010

But sadly on the 10th of April Jimmy went down with colic and there was nothing anyone could do. He was put to sleep, passing away 100% loved and he will always be missed.

Hayley was beside herself with grief but only 22 days later she was needed

Another STB gelding was about to be killed, he was in the holding yards with only a day before being sent to the meat works. A stunning 3 year old ex pacer, not broken to saddle, timid and in need. Hayley opened her home and her grieving heart to this little horse and with the help of S.A.H.A supporters we raised his "bail" and rescued his life. It took a little while for Hayley to bond with her new boy "Benny" but she broke him to saddle and she opened his heart, showing him love for the first time in his life and they now have an unbreakable bond. I believe that Jimmy's death was not in vain and that everything happens for a reason ~ sometimes one horse will pass but this will open up a door so that another horse can be rescued. This little horse would be on a dinner plate in France if it wasnt for Hayley, the S.A.H.A website and many of our wonderful, loyal supporters ~ also, if it wasnt for Jimmy's passing benny wouldnt have been rescued... RIP Jimmy boy, i know your looking over Benny and Hayley everyday with love.

Benny in the pens 22nd April 2010

Day 1 ~ safe

A week after rescue

1st May 2010

Benny this week

This week....

A massive thank you to each and every person who donated towards rescuing this amazing little horse, he will be loved for the rest of his life.

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