Thursday, September 9, 2010

Update on my rescue horses

Zoria ~ The beautiful Standerbred mare Zoria was placed into the paddock with the mares and she wasnt happy at all. She is nasty at feed time and will attack the other mares, so i put her into the paddock with Joe (TB gelding) and she is perfectly fine. I think she does much prefer her own paddock tho. She was lightly ridden and was lovely but very forward. I think she would make the perfect PC or sporting horse. She saw the Chiro who put her back and poll back into place and said that she was out pretty bad which was effecting her nervous system and since her visit she seems much happier. Her teeth were also in pretty bad shape and the dentist seemed to think they had never been done before. She is a lovely mare, will chase you down for a carrot and will beat the other horses up if they come near her food....

Joe ~ The beautiful TB gelding has settled in really well and just adores Carol. He follows her everywhere and i know she is getting attached as well. He is a little bit nervous on the ground and under saddle but a real sweet fellow. He also had his chiro appointment and was very tight. The chiro seems to think he has def. been abused at some stage in his life. But once you gain his trust, he is a big sook. Joe is ready for a new home now, he is healthy and suitable for someone experienced. Please see details in the "horses for adoption" section of this website.

Hope ~ Has put on weight well but still isnt responding well to human contact so im just letting her take her own sweet time. She needs time to rest and learn to trust me in her own time. It took Freya 6 months but she has come forward in leaps and bounds ~ Hope will as well. She didnt have a chiro appointment, i didnt think she was ready yet. The wonderful Jen Gallager is doing some aromatherapy with her which is really making a difference.. She is a dear little girl.

Grandma ~ Has been with us for 4 weeks now and has put on so much weight. She is really recovering faster than i thought she would. She has the most amazing, loving personality and has so much energy for an old horse. Her teeth were shocking and her hips were out but all put back into place now. She is feeling 100 times better and will be looking good in no time at all.

June ~ June also saw the chiro and her back was the worse out of all the rescue horses, she was very stiff and no doubt very sore. She is now ready for a new home and is listed in the horses for adoption section. June is retired and not suitable for riding. She has put on weight well but will need to be hard fed to maintain her weight.

Freya ~ Freya had her feet, teeth and chiro visit for the first time in her whole life and how very interesting it was. It took Sophie and I half the day to do her front ones on Friday, and on Monday her back feet were done. She was such a little lady and stod quitely while the dentist did her teeth with no gag, nothing but a file. I just cant believe how far she has come along ~ im so very proud of my beautiful girl.

Gabby ~ Im going to be so sad to see this girl go to a new home. Personality plus this little filly and she makes me laugh every single day. I just love her to bits... She had her teeth and chiro done as well and also stod quitely while it was done. She had no back problems and her teeth were not to bad, but they were done only 3 months ago when she arrived.

Helix ~ Its such a hard life being a naughty little pony :-)

Chance ~ Really didnt enjoy having his back cracked.. He played up something bad, but felt much better after it all. Sadly, no one has shown any interest in adopting little chance... :-(

Apollo ~ The silly little bugger was galloping around the paddock like a mad man, slipped over and with his hoof, banged his other hoof spliting it open.. He has had multi coloured bandages all week... But its healing nicely :-)

Krystal ~ Has recovered well from colic but is still suffering the odd nose bleed which is a worry. But she is very much loved and spoilt by Ryley and her family (who are fostering her). Krystal is retired with me but Ryley offered to take her home, creating more room for a new rescue horse at home. She is very special this mare and at 27 years old, she deserves only the best retirement possible.

Sampy ~ Is doing well in his foster paddock and will be brough home this week. I will post updated photos of him then.. :-)

Whiskey ~ Is doing really really well in his foster home and is very much spoilt

Benita & Bambi ~ Are both doing well in their foster home and its looking like they will be adopted by Raffles Lodge in Willowvale ~ only an amazing 6 million dollar property where all of the hollywood stars go to stay. The owner of the lodge is even building them their very own luxuary stables.

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