Tuesday, September 7, 2010


A massive thank you to:

Amanda Knappick, Nicole Clue,  ~ for the kind donation of items from our wish list.
Belinda Dawes ~ Donation of secondhand rugs.

All of the wonderful people who offered donations for the Coff's Habour rescues ~ you are amazing

Nicole Westaway, KT Barr, Bridget Moore, Pricilla Ann, Rowe Rennie ~ for their help in the secret mission rescue.

KT Barr, Bridget Moore, Amanda James ~ for their help with transporting horses from the knackery and dogger pens.

Heather Mackay, Lilly Collins, Janelle Quinney, Jasmine Toth ~ for their help in the Laidley Dogger Sales rescue of Sampy.

Sophie Gregory ~ for travelling two hours each way just to help out with trimming some horses hooves pro bona.

Graham Crisp ~ for the amazing job he did with 10 horses teeth and chiro work.

Pricilla Ann ~ for her donation of a solar electric fence panel to make an extra paddock for the rescues.

Jen Gallagher ~ for her amazing aromatherapy treatment and massage for all of the rescue horses.

To all of my wonderful supporters who have given such amazing support and love to myself and my rescue horses ~ you are all amazing and i wouldnt be able to do what i do without your love and support. Thank you! ♥

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